Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yellow To Blue

It was quite hard to edit these photos to it's original color. I hate how yellow light desaturates the color of my photos and that's one of the reasons why I hate taking outfit photos indoors but I had no choice so I had to bear the editing :( haha I'm telling you now, I'm such a noob at editing and I really did try my best to edit it back to the gorgeous blue these clothes were in. This outfit is probably one of my favorite print on print looks and I know these photos don't do justice to them but I loved my make up that I couldn't wait till the next day :P haha! I hope you do love them nonetheless! 
This is what I wore to the prepping time for Apartment 8's launching. I was not myself because of the night before so I was a bit late but thank God my fellow bloggers are never early! haha! 
IMG_5608 copyIMG_5575 copyIMG_5573 copy copyIMG_5578 copy copyIMG_5596 copy copyIMG_5581 copyIMG_5606 copy
[Top: THE RAMP CROSSINGS, Skirt: FROUFROU, Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent, Belt: TRUNKSHOW, Necklace: STYLISTA.PH
Will be blogging about the launching next! :) Stay tuned! 
xx, Vern

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