Monday, November 29, 2010

Lazy Days

Why can't you be with me? Watching American TV. We'll order in chinese and ask the world to stay away, please... These hotels grow so stale, telling the same ass-tale. By the time I get to you, I'll be too tired to... 

Soak up some lazy days, noone can rain on our parade. Standing here beneath the shade of our love. Lets slide down the avenue, like good New Yorkers do. Maybe then I'll believe, when you give, man, you receive. 

oak up some lazy days, noone can rain on our parade. Standing here beneath the shade of our love.
Wide eyed and stupid, 
I'm waiting for the arrows of cupid. 
I'm waiting for the arrows of you love. 

Wore this out with my daddy @ Market Market!  for some pizza and to meet up with my friend Dawn to get some papers I have to get from her. 
Now I'm home and the weather's gloomy and so is my mood. 
Eating some chips and cheese while sipping some hot cocoa. 
such a cliche, I know. 
I have to start studying again in a bit :-( Boo

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Rule #32: Enjoy the little things

What I love doing when I'm bored: getting some happy vibes in me from TUMBLR :-) Wanna share them with you! 


As you can see, I'm a sucker for cute puppies, pretty shoes, happy couple pictures, cute babies, HOGWARTS, gorgeous make up for inspiration and giraffes (not alot of your know this but its still one of my biggest dreams is to own a giraffe as a pet :P HAHAHA! silly I know but thats the kiddy side of me) :-P haha 

I'm currently on a movie marathon right now and I just finished watching Zombieland and I over underestimated this movie! Definitely a goodie! ;-) and Emma Stone's make up through out is something I wanna do for tomorrow! Actually, I wanna channel her whole look when I go to SM tomorrow! haha Anyway, thats why the title for this post is that and I definitely agree :-) Enjoy the little things because in the end, they are the ones you remember the most :-) Next up is New Moon! I wanted to watch Uninvited but I'm alone right now so scratch that! haha I'm gonna be lusting myself over vampires again :-Ps haha Have a great Sunday everyone! :-) 

Disclaimer: all pictures are not mine. Just stole all of these from different tumblr accounts :-)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

11th of October

The behind the scenes from the make stint I did for the shoot of the online shop, 11th of October! :-) Thank you again Sarah and Sam! :-)  

We shot at ACC (Alabang Country Club) Love the greenery and the weather! It was so perfect for the theme of the shoot! :-) 


With the owners, Sam & Sarah! :-) 

The awesome photographer, Patty! 

One more shoot to go for this weekend! But for now, I must study for my two quizzes and one paper for next week! :D Oh and BTW, I'll be doing the great finds from SM entry this Monday!!! SO EXCITED! :-) I hope you'll enjoy it! :-) 

xx, Vern

14 Girls

I've mentioned in a post that I'll be the doing the make up for DLSU chorale and lo and behold, I didn't know that it wasn't exaggeration that I might be doing more than 10 girls faces in less than 2 hours! haha I feel like superwoman right now! HAHAHA! 

Anyway, before that concert, I had to rush the last part of my paper for englres because the book I needed for that last part was only returned yesterday so I went to school at around 11 am to start finishing it. I had to edit so much parts that I finished doing it at around 4 already! :-( Then something bad happened to my paper *tear* but I dont wanna talk bout it here... haha 

Then around 4.30 was my call time for the chorale make up stint... holy moly. Stressballs indeed! They were actually 20 plus girls but my partner Krizia was superwoman as well! Thank you for the help Krizia :-) You made life easier! :-) 

I had to go to Fiamma later that night to attend a friend's party! Was so tired that I bailed really early so that I could hug my very long pillow and retire to my bed! haha Fun fun night though! :-) BUT I can't believe I did all that in one day with no breaks. *whew!* Here's my outfit last night:

[blazer: Topshop
Dress: Indonesia
Shoes: H&M]

Now I'm awake early so that I could go to Alabang and do make up for 11th of October and then go to Bag for a Cause in the north this afternoon! SO EXCITED FOR TODAY! Pretty girls + Pretty clothes + Pretty make up (hopefully!) and Pretty bags to end my day! :-) Have a great Saturday too everyone!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Shoe Tale Collaborates: Day 4 and a couple of other things

They always say that time flies fast when youre having fun and this collaboration is a good example for that quote! It's already day 4, the last day of the collaboration with Efril of Love & A Bad Hair Day and today the outfit piece is a BLAZER. Like I said in my last post, this is a trend I find ordinary but its amazing how Efril and I came up with something different! Our outfits today had a very different feel to it! Mine was more of edgy and here's was more of girly :-) Here are the pictures to prove it! 

[Blazer and Leggings: Hong Kong
Accesories: The Ramp (necklaces) ANAGON (ring)
Tank Top: Topshop
Shoes: Substance 
Bag: Zara]

Right! The contrast was really nice! :-) Anyway, I'm really excited for the first week of December to come because by then we'll be having the second chapter of this collaboration! Don't worry, it'll be something different! Efril and I are planning it as we speak! :-) Watch out for it!!

On to other things, I did a make up stint for my friend Sasa earlier and the model I did make up looked like Marian Rivera. Like the scary kind because the more I stare at her face because of the application of make up, the more I see it! Haha Such a lucky girl! I will show you pictures soon then at night, I went to this biotechnology awards night. Its not really a blogger thing but my dad just brought my along. I will be blogging about that! I learned things I don't learn everyday :-) This loooooong weekend (yay!) will be another busy one for me (but I'm not complaining! I really love the weekends, I swear! :-) 

Another thing, HAPPY HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYBODY! Though my family doesnt really celebrate Thanksgiving, I still have so much to thank for!! I have so much to lose in a really good way and I am so happy about that! :-) Count your blessings everybody!!!! :-) How was your thanksgiving? Did you celebrate it? :-) Lucky you if you do! 

LAST THING, I promise!! :D haha Please do check out 
TND's site! It is underconstruction right now but dont fret! We'll be unveiling a new layout for all of you! ITS SO PRETTY! haha :-) Here's the link: 

Till the next post! It's exactly 11:11 and I'll be rushing a paper :( I can't believe Im busy even on a Thursday night!! :-( Englres boo you! Have a great thursday night and again HAPPY HAPPY THANKSGIVING! xx, Vern 

argh :(