Sunday, November 7, 2010

A hot day in November: What's in my bag?

Silly as it sounds, my village Merville has it's own country club and since it doesn't happen very often anymore wherein the suns out, my brother and I decided to hit the place! He swam while I studied and took pictures :-) 


As requested: 

I brought the bag I prepared for tomorrow and for the past year, I've been bringing the same things everyday. Of course the only difference would be the books I bring and the extra materials required but basically this is what I do! :-) 

Dear readers who go the extra mile and ask questions in my fs, thank you so much for the requests because they give me new ideas for new blog posts :-) Thank you so much :-) You have no idea how much your support means to me :-) And to the 4 or 5 people requested this through email and formspring, here it is :-) Hope this makes you happy! 

This bag is a gift from my sister! The color's really pretty, don't you think so? :-) 

Here's my everyday make up kit! It contains: My powder, blush on, three colors of eyeliner, my brush, sunblock, lipbalm and lipstick for emergencies!

That black Moleskin planner right there is one of the little things I treasure the most :-) I always bring a pencil with me and a pen to take down notes! and thats my Jordi notebook right there :-) 

 A closer look at the print! I love Jordi Labanda notebooks forever because of it's unique girly designs! :-) They're expensive though so they hurt my wallet so much everytime I buy them at the start of the term :-( 

I'm not much a techie so this is the only gadget I bring to school! haha I used to bring an ipod with me but ever since I lost my itouch, I've been so scared! Look at how emo my theme is... so pretty though! :-) haha

and lastly, I always bring this brush with me even if I barely use it! haha & my favorite sunglasses from H&M :-)

There you go! haha that concludes my WHAT'S IN MY BAG? post :-) 

So like what I said in my last entry, I'll be going on a hiatus for two weeks because I have to concentrate on school! But when I go back, I have two events to blog about right away because this coming weekend, I will go to the National Library to do my ENGLRES work and I'll be taking pretty pictures because that place is an oldie but a goodie! I'll wear something nerdy to match the books ;-) haha Then, TND will have a collaboration shoot with awesome somethings hihi cant say it yet but I'm really excited for that!! And then on the Saturday after that, I'll be going to an Adidas launch with my bestfriend Elisha! I got the Evite last Friday :-) Till then guys! Have a great 2 weeks ahead of you :-)

xx, Vern

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