Thursday, November 29, 2012


IMG_1458 copy copyIMG_1612 copy copyIMG_1619 copy copyIMG_1562 copy copy

So here I am barefaced, all for you to see. Yup, I'm wearing zero make up on my face except for the colored lipbalm I'm wearing from Nivea. Make up's one of the things most girls can't live and sometimes literally can't leave the house without. Even girls as early as 11 or 12 use make up on a daily basis and I guess we can blame it all to media for making us girls believe that its something we need to wear everyday, everywhere we go.

To tell you honestly, I think that no outfit is complete without the right kind of make up and that I don't feel as good when I have no make up on (but just to make it clear, I don't wear make up everyday. You'll know that I'm not wearing make up when I'm wearing sunglasses here on my blog).
I know it is kind of sad but I am slowly adjusting to putting no or little make up when not needed. I don't have perfect skin, I have freckles and three scars on my face to date (I am still truly blessed though because its not that obvious!) but I'm slowly in the process of being comfortable in my own skin.

This blog post is to remind all of you my dear readers (even to myself), especially the young ones, that make up is not a necessity. It is something we should just apply when needed and it is something to enhance one's beauty and not hide it :) Because I actually did have the guts to post a picture of my makeupless face, I hope that those of you who depend on make up let go of them once in awhile and breathe :)
xx, Vern 
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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Problem: Leg Hair, Chicken Skin and Ingrown Hair Solution: Belo Cool Glide Hair Removal

Are you tired of shaving? Waxing? I know I am! It's one of the things I dread as a girl and I find it such a chore to maintain being hairless on my legs, underarm and the bikini area. The thing I'm most concerned with though would be my legs because it takes so much time and effort to remove every hair strand on my leg. Not only that! The after math of shaving and waxing's what I dread the most. Chicken skin and ingrown hair's inevitable when you do these procedures regularly so honestly, other than my uneven skin, this would be my biggest beauty problem. I think it's any girl's beauty problem! Don't you agree?

Good thing though Belo has the answer to this beauty problem of mine through the Cool Glide Hair Removal treatment :)
IMG_1029 copy
IMG_0991 copy copyIMG_0979 copy copy
See the rough areas? I hate them!
IMG_1023 copy
Before the procedure, they make you put on these googles to protect yourself from the laser light. Another one to protect you from the pain would be their anesthesia cream but since I have high tolerance when it comes to pain, I preferred not to use them anymore. You ofcourse, can if you want to.

How the machine looks like:
IMG_0995 copyIMG_0996 copy copy
IMG_1026 copy copy
To make it easier to "glide" the machine, they use this coupling gel. It's cold too so it's my anesthesia. The coolness of the gel conceals the pain for me.

I don't have pictures during the procedure because well my eyes were closed but here are questions I could answer for you:

1. Did it hurt? Not really. Honestly, I felt like I was just getting a massage. I don't know if its a Belo requirement before they hire doctors but I swear, they always always have the lightest hands! They said that this kind of laser is the most painful kind but it wasn't for me. It did tingle a bit though on areas with lots of hair. 
2. How long was the procedure? About 30 minutes for my half leg. About 45-50 minutes if full leg. 
3. How many sessions do I have to do before all the hair would come off? It would depend on how hairy you are but for me (I can say I'm average when it comes to hairyness), I would only take 4-5 sessions. 
4. How long till hair will grow out again? 4-5 weeks but it's thinner and lesser. 
4. How much is it? 13,440 pesos. 

You can book through the Belo Medical Group Website or call 02-819-BELO. If you have any other questions about my experience, please do just comment below :) 
xx, Vern

The Power of Black and White

IMG_1327 copyIMG_1358 copyIMG_1378 copyIMG_1357 copyIMG_1334 copy
[Blazer and Shorts: ON THE DOT ONLINE SHOP, Top: DESINO DULCE, Shoes: WADE, Bag: Furla, Necklaces: SM ACCESSORIES
For a day like yesterday where I had 3 meetings, a pull out, school and an event, I needed to wear something that would appropriate for all venues. I even met up with Dondi's mom in this ensemble! And when meeting the parents, even if it's not the first time, you should never wear something too short  so I did change into pants then just changed into shorts for my meetings and the Yabu Mall of Asia opening :) 
I'm only starting to appreciate the power of the colors black, white and brown. It gives off this sophisticated feel that loud colors won't give off. I'm leaving my teen years in a few months so I can't dress up too teeny anymore! I hope you're okay with the changes? :) 
xx, Vern \

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Leopard Overload

Heres what I wore to school and to my Belo visit yesterday. I make sure to wear something comfortable for both places and when i say comfortable, I mean pants! Doesnt mean it should be boring too right? :) 
IMG_1074 copyIMG_1094 copyIMG_1084 copyIMG_1102 copyIMG_1107 copyIMG_1115 copyIMG_1113 copyIMG_1062 copy
[Top: Forever 21 c/o THE MALL OF ASIA, Pants: Zara, Shoes: CHARLES & KEITH, Blazer: Gift from Verniece, Bag: HUED BAGS, Necklace: SM ACCESSORIES, Watch: ARM CANDY
Im spending the day with my sister today. We have accomplished two meetings and a pull out already! :) Thank God my Smart phone internet conection's fast and reliable that I can blog in the car in between places! :) Have a great day!
xx, Vern

Christmas 2012 Wish List # 1

A girl can never have too many sunglasses. I have the basic ones and I wanna start investing on more colored and printed ones. I'm online window shopping at Focus Online and stumbled upon these pairs! Now here are my four top picks :) 
1. Prada Sunglasses - I've always wanted sunglasses in color blue but I've only seen them with blue lenses. I love how this has a black one. 
2. YSL - There's just something about this pair that I'm attracted to! Probably the color? 
3. Chloe - My favorite.. I've always wanted a pair! 
4. Tom Ford Magnus - I know I just said I don't like pairs with blue lenses but this is just too cute to pass up on! 
Which of the four would you choose? :) Which should I save up for? Help me? :) 
xx, Vern

Monday, November 26, 2012


IMG_0924 copyIMG_0955.JPG copyIMG_0949 copy copy

[Dress: DESINO DULCE, Shoes: CMG PHILIPPINES, Bangles: SM ACCESSORIES, Bag: Balenciaga, Earrings: GOLD COUTURE
I've been uninspired and confused style wise lately. I've been wanting to lean towards neutrals , structured and less trendy outfits but I'm just scared to make the transition too early. I recently fell inlove with corporate dressing up to the point where I just want to wear polos, midi skirts and pointy heels everyday! haha Still quite a bit confused that's why my outfits haven't been so great lately. I am hoping that I find my middle ground soon so that this mediocre dressing would stop! :( haha

Anyway, I wore this to my cousin Javi's baptism earlier at Torch Greenhills. I had to wear something appropriate for both church and the dinner after so I came up with this :) Any thoughts on the outfit? Care to share? :)
xx, Vern

Sunday, November 25, 2012

How To Get To Three Years

Dondi and I celebrated our three years and three months monthsary yesterday and I still can't get over the fact that we've been together that long. We've stopped celebrating these monthsaries only because it seems a bit silly to still celebrate every month when you've had it 39 times. However, for this month, we had our usual weekend date but only it coincidentally fell on the 24th so we just celebrated it anyway! haha I looooove doing these How To blog posts and because my outfit post was worn on our 39th "monthsary", I'll dedicate a how to post on relationships :)
 Before, I start let me clarify and say that all these how to posts are based on my personal experiences and there is no guarantee that it'll get your new relationship into three years. And with that said, let me get to my first how to. 
 1. All relationships are different. So don't base your relationship on others and don't compare as well. Your boyfriend is different from your friend's boyfriend so it doesn't mean that if he wrote an "I love you ____" in the sky for her doesn't mean your boyfriend will find it appropriate and sweet as well. Don't start comparing your dates, quirks, inside jokes and all the things in your relationship with your friends because everyone has their own thing going on. 
2. Connected to number 1: Appreciate and be thankful for your boyfriend and everything he does for you but don't settle either. You know yourself anyway when you're just settling.
3. Connected to number 3: Remember that he/she is not perfect and so are you. So don't expect too much. 
4. Get comfortable but don't get too comfortable. Still leave room for surprises, don't reveal too soon or sometimes there are just things you don't reveal period like hmm... I like poking my pimples in front of the mirror before I sleep. Don't! haha It's nice to get comfortable but if you reveal everything today, what will you be doing or be talking about tomorrow? 
5. Don't stop going on dates and don't stop surprising each other. D and I honestly came to this point and I'm so thankful we're over that phase of ours. Don't you agree that it's the best and fun part of relationships? :)
6.  Don't go to bed angry. Talk everything out before you go to sleep because we tend to let go of things when we sleep and then that thing you let go will suddenly pop up on your next fight. So just solve everything before you sleep.
7. Do unto him/her as you have him/her do unto you. Before you do something in general, don't even ask yourself "Will he get mad?" because that will seem like a chore and will go with the whole why do I always have to think of him blah blah blah blah so instead ask yourself this: "If he does this to me, will I get upset?" and don't reason yourself out. If you know you will feel bad any way when he does this to you then just don't do it :) It'll save you from a fight or a break up.
[Top: Forever 21 c/o THE MALL OF ASIA, Shoes: TRUNKSHOW, Skirt: FROUFROU, Neckalce: STYLISTA.PH, Earrings: PINKBOX, Bag: Louis Vuitton] 
So there are 7 How Tos on how to get your relationship to three years! haha Hopefully I'll get to help your relationships sky rocket to three years and more! :) 
xx, Vern

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Look Behind

IMG_0833 copy copyIMG_0867 copy copyIMG_0848 copy copy
[Top: FROUFROU, Shoes: CHARLES & KEITH, Skirt: h&m, Necklaces and Earrings: SM ACCESSORIES, Bra: JOCKEY PHILIPPINES
I wore this to the talk I gave for UST's Scarlet Accounting Association yesterday. Since I was giving a talk on power dressing, I did dress corporate but wanted to spice it up a bit since the event was entitled "FASHION 101" and ofcourse, when attending something entitled that, you can't look boring. I know that people always had the notion that when power dressing, one has to stick with neutrals, wear something boring and you can't express yourself freely. However, I want to change that perception and I hope I will through the talks I have given and hopefully will give in the future :) One thing I do teach is that with power dressing, the role you play in the company and what company you work in will determine what you can wear and what you can't wear.

You have no idea how much I want to give this talk to all my working readers because I swear, I'm confident enough that I can help. I'm not bragging or anything but with the help of the nicest people from CSB, I came up with a talk that's relatable, informational and fun. We based it on a LEGIT book and ofcourse, I added personal experiences so it's not boring :P 
Anyway, I had such a blast and I'm so thankful that Scarlet gave me the warmest welcome :) Thank you so much Scarlet for the invite and thank you too for participating so well :) Till the next talk? 
xx, Vern

Friday, November 23, 2012


IMG_0781 copy
IMG_0795 copyIMG_0801 copyIMG_0791 copy
[Dress: THE CHIC CLOSET, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Necklaces and Belt: SM ACCESSORIES, Sunglasses: Asos, Watch: Marc Jacobs] 

We're still tackling poems in my literature class and we were tasked to look for a poem about infatuation for a group project. I came across A Date by Kevin Mcfadden and it's such a cute poem that it actually does capture how most first dates go. I think that the honeymoon phase is the cutest and probably the most amusing part of a relationship :) Don't you agree?? Here's the poem: 
The first seated takes the chance he’ll be stood up. 
She’s getting on with the hope she may get off. 
One and one make one in this riddle.
Or, more closely, comedy routine:
first, impressions; second, observations.
Impolite to have thirds. 
Bachelors and bachelorettes beware: more than tonight they can mess up your order.
Who would go for the lobster expects the claws.
No pets allowed, keep your shirt on, places this strict—
like loony bins—require a jacket, sir. 
Mark sudden pauses, gaps in the flap, commas where a sutra might be...
and what shall we make of it, love, perhaps?
What elevator is this anyway, that even the prospect
of going down has made you high?
What’re you on?

Cute right?? :) Anyway, I'll be going to UST in a bit to give a talk on Corporate Dressing! I'll be at Sycip-Velayo Multipurpose Hal and the talk will start at 2 pm! :) I hope to see you? :) 
xx, Vern 
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Thursday, November 22, 2012


Whenever I'm uninspired to whip up an outfit for the day, I open my tumblr, search for Olivia Palermo on my search bar, scroll down and look for an outfit of hers to inspire me. I really love how she looks good in any outfit and the way she effortlessly puts two and two together. Recently, she's FINALLY been donning colors and you have no idea how happy I am about it! She barely wears bright colors and I guess it's her way of brightening up winter in the States. Sooo expect more colors on my outfits! :) 
Picture 1
IMG_0667 copyIMG_0634 copyIMG_0683 copyIMG_0718 copyIMG_0710
[Top: Forever 21 c/o THE MALL OF ASIA, Pants and Bag: FROUFROU, Shoes: CHARLES AND KEITH, Coat: TOMATO, Necklace: SM ACCESSORIES]

I wore this to school and a movie date with my mom right after :) How's your Wednesday so far? :)
xx, Vern 

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

When Love Arrives...

Sharing with you something my literature professor shared with us today in class.
 "Maybe love is always in the wrong time zone. Maybe love is not ready for you. Maybe you are not ready for love. Maybe love just isn't the marrying type. Maybe the next time you see love is twenty years after the divorce. Love looks older now, but just as beautiful as you remember. Maybe love is only there for a month. Maybe love is there for every firework, every birthday party, every hospital visit. Maybe love stays. Maybe love can't. Maybe love shouldn't. 
 ... When love arrives, say, "Welcome! Make yourself comfortable." If love leaves, ask her/him to open the door behind her/him. Turn off the music, listen to the quiet. Whisper, "Thank you for stopping by."  
Happy Tuesday! 
 xx, Vern


DLS-CSB TEN Moves Campaign.
Be Part of TEN Moves!Spark the change and join us as The Entire Nation Moves!10 Pesos everyday for 10 Months to raise enough resources in building 10, 000 classrooms in the Philippines.

Truly an honor to be part of this Ten Moves Campaign along side fashion photographer Bjorn Bedayo, actor Elmo Magalona, actress Lauren Young and ofcourse my sister, Verniece Enciso :) I may not be a CSB student but I'm glad to represent my field and DLSU. Join us and be part of Ten Moves! 
xx, Vern

Problem: Pimples Solution: Belo Facial Cleaning

My problem for this month's my monthly pimple a few days before I get my girly time of the month. I usually get about 3-4 big ones and my black and white heads double in amount during that time as well. Ofcourse, Belo has a solution to this problem of mine. I thought that I just had to leave the pimple alone (Okay, maybe I just don't leave it alone haha) and I'll be fine but again, I'm not derma so I was wrong.  I've had scars and small abrasions because of all my bored nights trying to squeeze out the life in my pimples and I swear, I regret all those instances now! :( It's always better to go to the derma (Belo ofcourse! ;) to properly remove the pimple.
But then again, if you're lucky and you barely get the visit from pimples then cleaning's still great for you monthly to keep your face clean and smooth inside and out! Facials also prevent future breakouts. 
IMG_0195 copyIMG_0197 copyIMG_0208 copyIMG_0238 copy
Here's what they did:
1. First the aesthetician washed my face with cleansing milk  
2. She then started pricking and cleaning my face 
3. She injected medicine to my up and coming pimples and the big ones as well to prevent it from swelling 
3. Right after, she applied inflammatory cream and toner 
Here are questions I think you might ask: 
1. Did it hurt? A little bit but I've had facials done before and I experienced the least amount of pain in Belo! 
2. How long was the procedure? This actually varies because it will depend on your skin condition
3. Can I put make up right after? Yup, 30 minutes after the procedure but I really suggest you don't. Only if you have to! 
4. How much is it? 1,190 pesos 
You can book through the Belo Medical Group Website or call 02-819-BELO. If you have any other questions about my experience, please do just comment below :) 
xx, Vern