Friday, November 9, 2012

The New Spiral Buffet - Sofitel Manila

The Spirals Buffet at Sofitel Manila is definitely one of the things I can be proud of when it comes to the Philippines. It's one of the best things about Manila and ofcourse, the best buffet for me. Everything's just tasteful, full of flavor and the variety is just overwhelming that you'd have to actually have take a step back to oversee everything before digging in. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of the typhoon that destroyed is location but ofcourse, there's always a rainbow after the rain and in this case, its the reopening of the place. 
The who's who of Manila was invited to the opening and luckily the team behind Sofitel Manila invited my sister and I to the event :) My sister and I were surrounded by great food, beautiful people, impeccable service and an elegant ambiance. Just like how Sofitel is known for and mind you, I've been to the place about 4 times before and I always ALWAYS get the same kind of service :) Here's how the event went! 
IMG_8751 copyIMG_8770_copyIMG_8765 copyIMG_8756 copy
I don't want to giveaway too much of the food but I'll share with you the three biggest and newest features of the place: the cheese room, the wine room and the chocolate room. Trust me, I died. 
IMG_8749 copyIMG_8748 copydIMG_8744_copyIMG_8742 copy
Too bad that I was wearing such a tight dress that I couldn't devour as much food as I wanted BUT I will be back and I'll share with you every bit of food there is in this place! 
Thank you thank you to Abeth Que, Kristy and Blessy for this wonderful opportunity :) I can't wait to go back!! 
xx, Vern

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