Sunday, October 30, 2011

Singapore Day 2: Feeling Kind of Sick

This is what I wore to my 2nd day here at Singapore! I wanted something comfy but look chic so I wore my ever so trusty Iconique pants! :) I wore this to the city but I didn't get to join my sister and our Singaporean friends to go out at night since I was feeling pretty sick already. This tonsillitis is being such a monster :( I was supposed to go home on Monday with my grandparents but I think I have to go home earlier - which is tonight :( Anyway, here's what I wore! Thank you to Jelito De Leon for editing my photos :) Sorry if I look sick :( haha
[Corset: Kids of Bayo, Pants: Iconique, Vest: H&M, Shoes: TOPS] 
Hope youre all healthy! 
xx, Vern

Saturday, October 29, 2011

We Got More Bounce In SG

Like I said in my last two posts, I'm currently in Singapore! I'm sick right now though so day 2 was cut short :( But here are some pictures with what went on my first day here at SG! :) Thank you again to my lola for this trippp <3 everyone's having such a blast :) 
We're staying at Festive Hotel, Sentosa :) I'm not much of a fan of the interiors since it doesn't feel homey but the beds are comfy so thats a plus for mee :D 
Adidas! The hotel is full of these abstract paintings :) 
I wish we had a Sentosa in the Philippines :) It would be good for our economy! 
We ate at Ramen Play and the food was really goood!!! I super love the ramen!! :) 
they have this big ass candylicious store thats so cute for words!! :D Dondi would've loved it here :) 
We ended our day at Universal Studios!! :) Such a fun place I swear!! :D 
Will blog bout Universal Studios up next!! :D Hope youre having a great preHalloween :) They celebrate it big here!! 
xx, Vern