Sunday, October 31, 2010

Awarded for being too awarded

Went to MOA today for two reasons: 
1. To look for a last minute costume
2. To watch my sister as she performs for SM Skate Manila wherein she competed in about 8 or 9 events 

For the first reason, it was such a fail for me at first since they didn't have the vampire fangs I was looking for and our maid doesn't remember where she placed my recently purchased cape and all the sizes they had were for babies or for little kids. I moved from Toy Kingdom to the little stores around the mall and then I finally gave up and went to SM. I was thinking of just buying pretty clothes instead of spending the budget I have for my costume then I saw these big ass wings that were just so pretty! haha then I looked around more then finally saw these pretty feathery skirt for less than 500 pesos! haha So happy! I'll post about halloween for me, which is the worst btw! :( You'll know what/who I went as tomorrow :) 

For the second one, I thought I was just going to be watching my sister do her usual programs then lo and behold, she actually won an award!! haha I didn't expect that! She wont most be-medaled :) so proud of her! To all that watched her perform today, though it was cancelled last minute, thank you for coming :) I'm sure it means so much to my sister :) 

Then we went straight to Makati since my sister was craving for Chili's! :) Great day with the family! :) 

this is me without make up :( sorry for the haggard look :( 

Outfit post: 

[Polo: SM Shorts: Zara Bag: Balenciaga Shoes: Hong Kong Necklace: Hong Kong]

Friday, October 29, 2010

Heidi Sarol Photography

Had a shoot with Heidi Sarol today! She's so young yet she's so talented!! I love how photography comes to her naturally and new concepts just come to mind in an instant! :) Anyway, I've had these two coats for quite some time now and I've never worn them to a shoot! So when Heidi asked me to model for her, I knew I had to use these since she never really has restrictions when it comes to the clothes and all! I love that about her, she trusts the stylist with what they have in mind and she just takes pictures :) I brought two sets of outfits! Here's the first one: 

[ Coat: HK Lace Dress: Rockwell Skirt: Topshop Top: Indonesia Necklace: Ramp Shoes: H&M]

I chose a neutral palette for this outfit since I knew the venue was gonna be in Burgos Circle. The center of that place is gorgeous because it has this interesting tree structure! haha I love how the place gives this feel like youre in a park out of the country :) you should visit it! it has restaurants like mile hi diner and UCC and all! :) 

Next outfit:
[Coat: Mango Dress: Rockwell High stockings: H&M Shoes: H&M Hat: HK]

The next outfit's inspired by the concept everyday NYC since I had a great feeling that Heidi would want this to be on the roads of Fort! :) haha great minds think alike! ;) HAHAHA 

These are my favorite shots! They are others though :)
If you want to hire her: 

I'm celebrating halloween tomorrow!!!!! AAHHHH SO EXCITED!!! I'll be a vampire!!!!!!! Wait for pictures! :)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


You might be wondering why Hong Kong Garden is part of the title up there but it is because this played during the SM Collection Fashion Show for Philippine Fashion Week and I was so giddy when they played it!! It's one of my favorite songs ever and it's from the movie Marie Antoinette which is one of my favorites as well :) Anyway, watched the show with my TND team! We weren't complete though since both Ana and Boo are doing something for school :) I can't say anything more about the collection since I could only put my review about it in the official TND site itself so watch out for it!! haha 

Pictures from tonight: 

The only picture I will be posting from the set TND took. Ahhh such a heavenly body.... hahaha! 

Met Liz Uy and she was sooo nice!! I didn't expect her to be because of her status and all but she is :) Don't you love what she's wearing too? :) 

Outfit post! Top from Rockwell (forgot where already) Skirt from F21 Shoes from Zara and Bag from SM :) 

My make up for tonight! :)

The Nerd In Me

I know I had this 3 day jeans challenge going on but since I forgot to take a picture of what I was wearing today, I just broke the whole 3 days thing! I felt out of it today because of this big test I had for one of my majors :( so I'm sorry!! but here's what I wore day 1 :) 

[Cardigan: Zara Polo: 11th of October Tie: random ribbon Belt: SM Pants: Topshop Shoes: KOB Bag: Zara]

To make up for this challenge, I am willing to wear any of the 3 to school Monday next week. Just choose the number (put 1, 2 or 3) most votes on the number will be the one worn:
3. ANYTHING YOU WANT ME TO WEAR (first to vote this number would have the honor to choose!)
except: bikinis, underwear only, something too revealing for school

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

It's When You Least Expect It

I dont want this entry to be too wordy even if I have too much to say so let me make this unboring by telling you bout my day with pictures :) 

Today seriously seemed like a roller coaster ride, there were ups and downs but they were both to the extremes. But thank God for being so good, its when everything seems like its going downhill that your day becomes one of the best so far :) At first I planned to go to my friend, Banina's house to take some pictures and bum with her since its been awhile since we had a Banina- Vern date. Unfortunately, she had a family dinner at 5 and noone could fetch me at that time so i had to change my plans and accompany my sister to Ateneo. Such a pretty campus, I swear! Even had pictures taken :) 

[Top- borrowed from mom short- Urban Outfitters shoes - Rockwell Bazaar bag - Louis Vuitton Bangles - Tita Maloys Sunglasses - H&M] 

While waiting for my sister to finish, I had lunch with my mommy in Mushroom Burger in Katipunan! yummmyy foood!!! Here it is:

Its their Braised Beef!! You should definitely try it!! It doesnt look so appealing here but trust me! They have another branch in Tagaytay so check it out there too :D haha After that, went straight to the salon to get my hair fixed since I had two debuts to go to :) 


( during) 


So I had to change to this formal dress because the theme was Formal Hollywood :) The debut was such a grand one!!! Definitely the best when it comes to food, decor and program compared to all the debuts I've been in :) It was worth every penny!!! The Food was yummy!! It was complete! Only got to take the picture of the steak though. I'll just post pictures under this paragraph after describing the whole party :) After dinner, there were so much intermission numbers! It was fun though! From ballerinas, to hiphop dancers, to magic shows and the usual 18 roses and stuff! Towards the end of the night, they held an awards portion and I'm so happy that I won the "Celebrity Look Alike Award" and I'm really happy I did! I'm so tired to say more but all in all, I just had so much fun!!! :)

(me and my cousin, Migui!)

 ( me and my brother, Vernon!)

they even had these on the floor! 


the dessert table was divine!

P.S. Went with my family! :P It seems like I wasnt with any friends at all! Haha Nevertheless, fun fun night :) Thank you God for making my last weekend of the month amazing! :)