Friday, August 31, 2012

Wardrobe Check x A Shoe Tale Quick Giveaway!

Since I have more than one of this design, here's a quick giveaway for all of you my dear readers! :) 
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This giveaway will end on: September 2, 2012
Goodluck girls! 
xx, Vern


I wore this to school a few days ago. I make sure to dress up on Mondays and Wednesdays since I stay in school from 9 am to 9 pm but ofcourse in something appropriate and comfortable. This is probably one of my favorite looks from my school diaries segment! Its not me to dress so masculine and I don't think I'll ever do that hence the pearls and the pointy shoes :) I used my sister's SLR so the colors are bright again! haha I'm not so used to it! 





[Top: APARTMENT 8, Pants: sm department store, Vest: RAF DIMACULANGAN, Shoes: ASIAN FASHION FOR LESS, Necklace: FIVE BY FIVE ACCESSORIES, Pearl Bracelet: SM ACCESSORIES, Silver bracelet: gift from my lola] 
Have a great Friday ahead of you! :) I'll be spending it home finishing my final paper for one of the subjects I have left! :) Wish me luck? 
xx, Vern

Its More Fun in the Philippines: Manila

I mentioned in my outfit post yesterday that a few friends and I went around Manila to take pictures of different buildings and monuments for Cheys' architecture project. Let me tour your around in my own little way and give you a glimpse of what I experienced yesterday. Yesterday was a testament that it is more fun in the Philippines and that our country is a beautiful place! 

First stop: Manila Hotel! I am no expert to the different kinds of buildings and its specific name but this hotel is a piece of art and its amazing how this was managed to be restored and maintained all these years. Manila hotel is the first air-conditioned hotel in Asia (I know this thanks to Tommy!) and its interiors is very much like how it was during the Spanish era. It's been up for almost 80 years and the building is a testament to how rich yet heavily influenced our culture was back then. I read that it was open in 1912 and was used by only the elite back then. I could just imagine all the well dressed men and women that walked the corridors of this hotel! General MacArthur even made this his home when he was the military advisor of the commonwealth government back then! 
2nd stop: National Museum. The museum was closed till October for renovations so I wasn't able to take pictures of the inside. We weren't even allowed to go inside the gates to take pictures! But I've been inside and houses the famous Spolarium by Juan Luna and many works of Jose Rizal and many other prominent Philippine artists. I went here with Dondi a year ago and our favorite exhibit was the Zoology section wherein they showed the different fossils of species found here in the Philippines. Its no Lourve of Paris or Met of New York but the museum does hold different mediums of art that shows   how talented Filipinos are :) Every Filipino must visit it atleast once! 

our famous Kalesa! I wanted a picture with it but I had to pay to do so :( BOO! 

3rd stop: Santa Cruz Church in Sta Cruz. It was built in 1608 by the Jesuits for the Chinese immigrants that started to flock our country back then since alot of these immigrants converted to Catholic when they arrived here in the Philippines. However, the original Sta. Cruz church was completely destroyed during the World War II so this church is a new one. And I guess that explains why there wasn't that stand Spanish friars used to give sermons in. Please do refresh my memory to what its called? :) I just know that all churches that were built during the Spanish era have this.
4th stop: We were surprised to see this building of BPI! I can't find anything about over the net but it looks amazing right?? Look at the entrance! reminds of Greece!
I wanted to eat more but I was scared for my life so I only had one :( haha! 

5th stop: Binondo church! We didn't get to go down to take decent pictures since there was no way to park. Just like the Sta. Cruz church this was built for the Chinese immigrants but by Dominican priests.  However, the original building was destroyed by the British bombardment in 1762 then was rebuilt then destroyed again in 1852 because of the second world war II where only the faced and the bell tower was left. 
6th stop: unknown building near the Post office. 
7th stop: The Manila Central Post Office. We expected more from this building and archi freak Tommy was upset about the pink trimmings the building had but for me, it look okay. Reminded me of the buildings found in Washington DC. This building is relatively new compared to the others since it was completed in 1926 yet was destroyed during the WWII and was restored to how it looks now in 1946. 
8th stop: Chamber of Commerce of the Philippine Islands. 
my face the whole time because of the heat!! haha! I'm not a big fan of the sun! 
Last stop: the entrance of Intramuros. My battery died here already but good thing I got to take outfit photos and a picture with a dressed Intramuros guard. I love how they're dressed this way! It makes you feel like you're really in another place and era :) 
I highly recommend touring around Manila with your family and friends instead of spending so much to go abroad. We should take advantage of these monuments and buildings because not only do we actually pay the government to have these maintained (okay, somewhat maintained! hahaha) but we have to realize that we do not have to travel miles and miles away from home to see how beautiful the world is. 
xx, Vern

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Something Old

I went to an architecture field trip with Marco, Tommy, Cheyser and Pat today and toured old buildings  in Manila today for Chey's project. It was a self tour though with the help of the internet and google maps, we visited Manila Hotel, the Post Office, City Hall, different churches and museums around Manila. Today made me realize how beautiful Manila is and how I take advantage of the tourist worthy places that are just a few minutes away from where I go on a daily basis. Because of the notion that everything abroad is so much more beautiful than what we have here, I have neglected and forgotten the rich history we have here locally. I felt like I went to Spain today with my friends but spent just .1% of what I would've if I did go. Anyway, here's what I wore today. I played tourist and actually wore a hat, shades and my trusty flats! :P 






My booboos gone worse :( 
[Dress: FOREVER 21, Belt, Hat and Bangles: SM ACCESSORIES, Bag: VESTI, Shoes: SOLIEIL]
I'll share photos from today tomorrow! :) I'm so excited to show them!
xx, Vern

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Online and Offline Life

The one question I always get from friends and new people I meet is how I can manage to blog on a daily basis. Personally, I think its essential to do so because one must need consistency in one's blog to keep readers coming in. But ofcourse, I fall short too because blogging everyday is quite challenging especially when there's nothing interesting to share about my day. And that's what brought me to what I'll be blogging about today. I'm a big fan of international bloggers who has made blogging careers like Jane of Sea of Shoes, Liz of Late Afternoon, Ashley of Ring My Bell and so much more and I wonder if there's a difference between the life they portray online and how they actually do live their lives offline. Haven't you ever wondered that? I wonder if there's such thing as showbiz in the blogging world. haha! 
Anyway, here's my 5th look for the Human Jeans segment :) I did floral on floral this time!


IMG_1047.JPG [Blazer: Bazaar, Top: THE BERRIES, Jeans: HUMAN, Shoes: CALL IT SPRING, Necklace: SM ACCESSORIES
If you are curious though if there's a difference between my online life and offline life there might be a bit but the difference is not so big. There are still stuff about my personal life I try to keep personal as to not give everything away or just simply to protect my privacy but I don't think I've ever made my life interesting online even if its not offline. haha Oh! now I know, there are times I don't actually wear the heels I show you guys here the whole day. Probably the first hour of my day then I just give up and leave it in my car. lol 
xx, Vern

You! Yes, YOU can model for Cotton On!

46 copy

Did you know that COTTON ON is finally FINALLY opening here in the Philippines???? I've been a fan of the brand since I first saw it in Hong Kong and it has always been one of the reasons why that place has been one of my favorite shopping places in the world! Now that it's coming to the Philippines, its one less reason for Hong Kong but one more reason to love Manila (YAYYYY!) haha! Anyway, they will be opening their very first store this coming September 7 at Mall of Asia BUT there will be a VIP/Media launch the day before (September 6) and you can be part of it! A BIG Part of it actually! 

Are you 18-24 years old? (if yes, CHECK) Are you fun, young, hip, happy and bright? (if yes, then check check check!) Then you can model for the fashion show the brand is doing on that day! Yup, no height or weight restrictions (YAY for the non tall people like me!! haha) Sounnds like an amazing opportunity right? :) All you have to do is submit your application online at and tadah! :)

BUT remember that the submission is due on August 29, 2012. Keep checking the facebook page to know whether or not you passed the initial screening then you can head over to the grand go see on August 30, 2012 from 6 pm. I'll be seeing you there because I'll be one of the judges together with the Bench Family and your other favorite bloggers :) 

Remember, its open for everyone, EVERYONE ages 18-24! :) 
xx, Vern

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Metal + An Asian Fashion For Less x A Shoe Tale Giveaway

Look what was sent to my door step today!! I've been going crazy over these kinds of flats and sandals  but they're so hard to find locally! Good thing ASIAN FASHION FOR LESS had them <3 
One of these pairs doesnt fit me so to all my size 8 readers, lucky you too!! I'm giving away this pair: 
All you have to do is: 
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What you have to comment below:
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This giveaway will end on: September 2, 2012
What's your favorite pair? :) 
xx, Vern

SCHOOL DIARIES: Coups et Blessures

I wore this to school a few days ago for my HUMAART class finals. It was the reason why we had to watch Perfume since we had to talk about it with out professor :) It's actually been awhile since I had a combination of both an interesting class and a professor but sucks for me that it had to be a floating and no a major :( haha Anyway, I wanted to wear something comfy for the day and I wore this outfit too to attend Pax's surprise party :) 

Monday, August 27, 2012

That Kind of Girl

To be honest with you, most of the time I wear print on print outfits, I do not have a single clue on what I am doing. I just get clothes that belong to the same side of the color wheel or in different shades of a single one and pray to the fashion gods that they go well together when I do see my reflection in school or wherever I'm going. I never look at myself in my closet mirror or anywhere inside the house because I know myself too well that I'll be running back up to my closet and change into 10 other outfits but end up with the first one when my mom starts calling me to tell that its time for me to leave. Yup, I'm that kind of girl and yup, I waste that much time in the morning! haha

Anyway, I wore this to a zenzest event I went to last Thursday at Mango Tree. I blogged about that here if you haven't seen it! :) I fell inlove with both the top and skirt when I first saw it in F21 and knew that I just had to do a print on print! 
Got another pair of these Raybans from since my brother asked for my old one! I got it for real cheap and the shipping's fast too :)
[Top and Skirt: FOREVER 21, Blazer: h&m, Shoes: Aldo, Necklace: FERRETTI, Sunglasses: RAYBAN c/o SMARTBUYSUNGLASSES.COM
It my finals week next week and I'm slowly preparing for it! How's school so far? :) Work? :) 
xx, Vern