Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Online and Offline Life

The one question I always get from friends and new people I meet is how I can manage to blog on a daily basis. Personally, I think its essential to do so because one must need consistency in one's blog to keep readers coming in. But ofcourse, I fall short too because blogging everyday is quite challenging especially when there's nothing interesting to share about my day. And that's what brought me to what I'll be blogging about today. I'm a big fan of international bloggers who has made blogging careers like Jane of Sea of Shoes, Liz of Late Afternoon, Ashley of Ring My Bell and so much more and I wonder if there's a difference between the life they portray online and how they actually do live their lives offline. Haven't you ever wondered that? I wonder if there's such thing as showbiz in the blogging world. haha! 
Anyway, here's my 5th look for the Human Jeans segment :) I did floral on floral this time!


IMG_1047.JPG [Blazer: Bazaar, Top: THE BERRIES, Jeans: HUMAN, Shoes: CALL IT SPRING, Necklace: SM ACCESSORIES
If you are curious though if there's a difference between my online life and offline life there might be a bit but the difference is not so big. There are still stuff about my personal life I try to keep personal as to not give everything away or just simply to protect my privacy but I don't think I've ever made my life interesting online even if its not offline. haha Oh! now I know, there are times I don't actually wear the heels I show you guys here the whole day. Probably the first hour of my day then I just give up and leave it in my car. lol 
xx, Vern

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