Thursday, August 9, 2012

9 Items, 6 Outfits, 6 Days: Day 1- 6

I decided to put all of the outfits in just one post because I think that this segment will have more of an impact this way :) I made six looks that will cater to daily activities and for special ones as well. I had so much fun doing this and it made me realize once again that you can always make do with just a few pieces! Atleast now I know I'll survive when I only have 9 items at hand for six days!! hahaha! Again, if you want to see the list of items click this.

Day 1: Something for the cold weather. (add ons: Shoes from Zara, Sunglasses: Asos) 
Day 2: A busy outfit for busy sunny days. (add ons: Shoes from Jellybean) 
Day 3: Smart casual. I would wear this to a normal day in school! (add ons: Shoes from CMG
Day 4: Thesis defense/corporate chic (add ons: Shoes from CMG, Sunglasses from GUCCI c/o SM ACCESSORIES
Day 5: I would wear this to a dressy date night (Add ons: Bag from FROUFROU and shoes from BU) 
Day 6: Print on print on print! (Add ons: Shoes from Jelly Bean)
I hope you liked this and hopefully made you realize what I realized too! :) I'm praying that everyone's safe and sound now that the sky's all cleared up. I'm praying for the fast recovery of everyone affected by the storm. 
xx, Vern

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