Thursday, August 30, 2012

Something Old

I went to an architecture field trip with Marco, Tommy, Cheyser and Pat today and toured old buildings  in Manila today for Chey's project. It was a self tour though with the help of the internet and google maps, we visited Manila Hotel, the Post Office, City Hall, different churches and museums around Manila. Today made me realize how beautiful Manila is and how I take advantage of the tourist worthy places that are just a few minutes away from where I go on a daily basis. Because of the notion that everything abroad is so much more beautiful than what we have here, I have neglected and forgotten the rich history we have here locally. I felt like I went to Spain today with my friends but spent just .1% of what I would've if I did go. Anyway, here's what I wore today. I played tourist and actually wore a hat, shades and my trusty flats! :P 






My booboos gone worse :( 
[Dress: FOREVER 21, Belt, Hat and Bangles: SM ACCESSORIES, Bag: VESTI, Shoes: SOLIEIL]
I'll share photos from today tomorrow! :) I'm so excited to show them!
xx, Vern

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