Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy 18th Birthday, Verniece!

My sister doesn't want me to give a speech on her debut since she doesn't want to ruin her make up by crying so let me take this time to give one through my blog on the exact date of her birthday :)
 My sister Verniece is one of the few people who has multiple personas yet can pull off having all of them. I don't mean it in a Mr Jekyll and Hyde kind of way but in the short 18 years of her life, she's played many roles and have made many proud just by playing them. She's always been the type of girl to have always wanted to stand out and never let anyone's words of discouragement or staring judging eyes stop her from doing so. In all roles she's played, she's always made a mark where you can say that's very verniece and I'm very proud of her for it. 

Most of you may know her as an ice skater. She spent almost half of her life being one and actually did excel at it. Its her birthday so please do allow me to brag about her but she's one of the few people I know who actually has at least 150 medals under her belt excluding the trophies she has won. There might be older and technically better ice skaters than her but I'm proud of her anyway because she's the only local ice skater I know who actually pulled off dancing on ice. Trust me, I know this because she I witnessed her dancing to songs "sex bomb" or "laban o bawi" and Hips Don't Lie"on ice! haha She'll kill me just by mentioning those songs up there, btw haha! (youtube it hahaha!) I'm sure that her fellow ice skater would know what I'm talking about :) 

You may also know her as a fashion blogger. Yup, she's that silly fashion blogger who wears sequined tutus in the middle of the day, who's always in pink and who's always been called a walking Barbie. She's only been doing it for a few months and I'm sure she'll go a long way. 

You may know her as a friend. Yup, I actually can attest that I've experienced her being one and she's one of the frankest friends I have. And I think thats why I love the fact that she's my best friend too! She's also the funnest and craziest girl friend I have and I'm sure even my friends can attest to that! haha 

And lastly, she also plays the role of being a sister. And I'm actually very privileged (most of the time not really.. hahaha kidding Vern!) to be the only one in this world who can attest to how she is as a little sister. It's only this year that I actually got close to her and I'm happy that we finally did. She may be one hell of a hard headed sister who never listens to her older sister but I've come to learn that she's also very loving and thoughtful. She may not put her life in line for a lot of people but I'm confident enough that she will do for me :)  

Happy happy birthday, Verniece! You may not know or realize it yet but you have a long way to go and I'm so proud of you. You still have many roles to play in life and just like the previous ones, I'm sure you'll do great. We don't say this often, but love you girl! 
xx, Vern

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