Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BTS: Purple Groom Ambassador Shoot

Purple groom invited my sister and our two little doggies, Mojo and Barty to be part of their first group of ambassadors. Purple groom started two years ago and has been growing ever since. They invited me a few months ago to try out their grooming services (because of that cut, they even made it to the catalogue! wooho proud owner! haha!) and was very satisfied with the results so when I got the invite it was a no doubt yes for me! :) Anyway, it was the first time my sister and I had a shoot with our dogs  and it was surprisingly challenging!! They're like babies who's attention spans are so short so it was hard to get a decent shot. It was a fun one though and it was nice to see blogger friends and meet their babies as well :) Sharing with you some BTS photos!

not only were our dogs groomed but us as well! hair and make up by BENCH FIX :)

poor Mojo!

Hello Max! Everyone say hello to David Guison's dog :)

 and Paul's dog! AHH CUTE!

and Marj Sia's dog who didn't like my sister so much.. haha!

Cute concept right?? :) Thank you Purple Groom for the invite and getting Mojo and Barty as your ambassadors! haha 
xx, Vern
Visit Purple Groom at their follow branches: 
Tiendesitas, Xavierville, Greenwoods, and California Garden. 
They do home service too!

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