Monday, August 20, 2012

Day Trip

Like I said in my previous post, my family and took advantage of the holidays (not for me though!) and went all the way to Clar for a change of scenery :) Here's how my trip went in pictures!


LOVE the quesidillas here!

What I wore for the day trip: Top from APARTMENT 8, Shoes: SO FAB, Jacket: FOREVER 21

took advantage of the place too and brought with me two extra outfits to take pictures of :)

Verniece and I

and the birthday boy! I forgot to tell you that we also took this trip to make him feel special since it was his birthday in a few hours! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY BOY!!!! :) I love you Vernon :)

The trip going didn't take long.. 1.5 hours I think? I wish I could go back soon!! Maybe with Dondi or my family again :) I love how chill Clark is and the food's great :) Visited Abreeza too and got to try out  a new milk tea place and took advantage of their sale a bit :) When was the last time you went to Clark? Have you been?
xx, Vern

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