Sunday, January 30, 2011


This post is extra special for me because I'll be blogging about a brand very very close to my heart since the owner's a very good friend of mine! :) To tell you the truth, even if we're close, I still got kilig when she asked me to blog about her necklaces! haha So anyway, along with my Sunday outfit, I wore my Freestyle Necklaces! So I wore it with black harems, a stripped shirt and pumps.. I wanted to keep it monotone and just match the necklaces with my bag so there's more emphasis to it! :-) See something this urban can be so girly tooo! 








My favorite's their latest collection cause its too cute for words!!! Even if the latest collection's sold out, do check out their other awesome stuff at :-) 

So on to my day, I went to Rockwell today for some bonding time with my siblings and I drained my wallet this weekend cause of buying 3 pairs of shoes!! Its been awhile since I did this because I only do this when I'm abroad :| haha Bought two today from Payless and they are so pretty! been eyeing them for awhile now and I'm so happy the shoes I want are on sale now! :) 

Picture 1

My closet made room for new babies today! haha 


Hope you had a blessed and great Sunday!!!

xx, Vern

Adidas & Mirage All in One Day

Went to Rockwell yesterday for the Adidas Women's Collection launch. They talked about the different pieces that were in the new different women's performance lines. They even demonstrated how the clothes are really prefect for workout and dance activities by showcasing dancers and girls doing yoga while wearing clothes from the lines called Adilibria, Clima, Core Performance, Yatra and Fluid Trainer. What I love about them is that they cater to every woman out there and for every activity that they do. Anyway, Lia Cruz hosted the event and she wore Adidas from head to toe as well :)






Right after the event in Rockwell, I had to rush to Ateneo to support my sister's fashion show. It was also their highschool fair and it made me miss it soo much!!!




Even saw Pam Mejia, the owner of Secret Paris since the last collection the models wore were from her shop! Here are two pictures with girls wearing Secret Paris! (I love that jumpsuit my sister's wearing so much!!) 



Here's a sucky outfit post but I wanna show you this dress anyway! I wanted to look alittle bit older so I wore this dress and just basic black pumps (I just bought the yesterday!! Thank you for sales!!) :-) It doesnt show here that much but this dress hugs my body perfectly! I shall buy more dresses like this!



[Dress: H&M, Shoes: Zara, Bag: Balenciaga]

Thats it for now, if I'm in the mood I might have another post since me and my siblings will be going to Rockwell to watch The Green Hornet! Its gonna be the first time my sister and I will be alone with my brother in a mall so thats kind of a big thing for him. hihi hes growing up! :D haha Have a blessed Sunday everyone!!

xx, Vern

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Road Not Taken

I was taking a walk with my dogs yesterday and I wanted to "explore" new places in our village so I went up "uptown" (HAHA) and saw this road. It's actually really long and street's not occupied at all. Someone owns the whole street perhaps? haha but anyway, I found my new place where I could take outfit pictures without anyone watching.










[Romper: Christmas Bazaar, Jacket: Hong Kong, Shoes: H&M, Accesories: Mango]

Started the day pretty early since I had to meet up with Arizia (hi!!) to give her the clothes she ordered! Thank you for being so nice :D and also shout out to Lottie for texting me and being so appreciative! :-) Will go to Alabang now for my awaited "me" time and then meeting up with my 1st year highschool bestfriend's mother so we can catch up! I havent seen her in such a long time and Im so so so so excited!!! :D haha Then off to somewhere else tonight! :-) Have a great Thursday everyone!

xx, Vern

P.S. Sorry my photobucket's acting up again.. I'm so lazy to fix it already. Dont worry its just about 4 posts. I'll be uploading in flickr now so its less hassle! 

Monday, January 24, 2011

Truth Be Told

Went to school today to do meet ups and I could honestly say that I miss school so so much :-( It just hit me now that I'm missing out on so much (even if its all studying) and how much I miss my friends :-( But its alright, just two more months and I'm back in school. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT! 

Anyway, I'm running on two hours of sleep today since I had to ride with my dad this morning and he leaves for work awfully early on Mondays so me staying up till 4 watching Project Runway and waking up at 6 was such a bad idea :-( but its alright! Seeing my friends and seeing my customers all happy made my day anyway! :-) Will be sending just a few more packages and one more meet up and I am done for this set! I added 4 more though so if youre interested, just go to :-) 


[Top: Chasing the Lilies, Shorts: SM, Belt: Folded and Hung, Shoes: H&M, Accessories: Mango, DG and Anagon]

As you can see I've been loving neutrals lately! I love how it makes me look whiter so I've been wearing it out more. This top is one of my favorites to date so thank you to Shaye for giving me this gorgeous top! Paired it with my paperbag shorts and neutral accessories and shoes! :-) Wanted to add the brown to make it look livelier :-) What do you think of it? :-) And how was your Monday? Hope you started your week right like how I did! :-) 

xx, Vern

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What a fail night, that night

After being on house arrest for the last 3 weeks, my mom finally allowed me to go out and I went to Resorts World for Tommy's birthday dinner! We ate at Mr. Kurosawa and I could honestly say that was the main highlight of the night! THE FOOD WAS GREAT! We were all running late so we were so so hungry so I didnt even get to take pictures of the food! I will the next time I eat there! The Beef Teppan was to DIE FOR! omg. haha! So anyway, after dinner we decided to go to Republiq but everything turned out to be a fail that I dont even wanna talk about it. hahaha but yeah here are some pictures!

Since I didnt really like the outfit pictures I took with Gia in Republiq last night, I made my ever so great photographer - my yaya take a bunch! & I wanted something different from the usual standing pictures! I just wanted one of the bunch and this was my favorite! haha 

[dress: The Ramp (which I will use again for sure!), shoes: Janilyn] 

P.S. I'm sorry for not posting last night but they will be up in exactly 30 minutes! Please watch out for it! :-)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mr. Blue

Mr. Blue, I told you that I love you, please believe me.
Mr. Blue, I have to go now. Darling, don't be angry.
I know that you're tired, I know that you're sore and sick and sad for some reason. 
So I leave you with a smile, kiss you on the cheek and you will call it treason.
- Mr. Blue, Catherine Feeny









[Top: Topshop, Pants: SM, Cardigan: The Ramp, Shoes: Zara, Hat: SM and Rings: DG]

You might think that wearing all blue is pretty silly.. well at first I did too but ever since I found this hat in SM, I've been picturing the perfect to go with it and this is the one of the 5 outfits that popped in my head when I did. When I tried on the outfit this morning, I was scared to go out of my room cause my mom might suddenly laugh at me or something or my yaya who always does when I wear something silly. But I did go out and got no reaction so thats a good start. hahaha! I'm so inlove with the hat and I might just buy the beige version of this! SO CUTE! haha Maybe I'll start collecting hats.. I just ordered a hat from an online store a pink one and it was buy one take one so I get it in two colors! Great deal right! So there, I'm excited to get that! And I guess its perfect since summer is just around the corner and I'm sure I'll be wearing those out more when that season comes in :-) 

Anyway, I wore this when I ran meet ups earlier in Makati. I met up with Mills (hi lovah!) and a customer Keiglh (I'm not sure how you spell it :-() but she was so nice!! Hi you! :D haha Thank you both for buying! and Bea also :-) Hope I got to catch you B!! :-) Then I was supposed to meet up with my friends in Alabang but lo and behold, I get my girly meeting today and I have the worst cramps in the world on my first day so I just wanted to go home and lay in my bed and enjoy the aircon and the tikoy I bought for myself earlier. haha So I'm staying home again on a Friday night (just like the past 3 Fridays!) but thats alright cause I'm finally going out tomorrow!! AFTER THREE WEEKS I AM SEEING MY FRIENDS. WOOHOO haha So celebrate for me and have fun tonight! :-) 

xx, Vern 

P.S. I know those were just 3 people I mentioned there but I just wanna thank each and everyone who bought from SHOP A Shoe Tale. Means the world to me!! :-) There are 12 items left so please just click this and go buy buy buy! :-D haha I'll be adding more items (Last 15!) tomorrow at 7.30 again :-)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mute It

The weather was so hot today thats why I wanted to wear something light and breezy hence the light colors of the outfit. I love neutral colored outfits! I have this thing for beige and white together.. It might be boring for some but I adore it personally! 






[shorts - Zara Polo - SM Shoes - H&M Accessories - Mango] 

I wore this outfit to SM earlier since I had to buy the packaging I'll be using for the clothes I'm selling in SHOP A Shoe Tale :-) There are only 15 items left unclaimed so I'm happy about that! Please please check out those items here :-) 

OH and omg!! Let me show you the highlight of my day!! 


LECHON SISIG FROM CEBU! ahh i know its just food but I swear yummy food just makes me day! haha :-) Anyway, gotta rest since I'm a bit woozy right now :-) Have a great Thursday!

xx, Vern