Monday, January 24, 2011

Truth Be Told

Went to school today to do meet ups and I could honestly say that I miss school so so much :-( It just hit me now that I'm missing out on so much (even if its all studying) and how much I miss my friends :-( But its alright, just two more months and I'm back in school. I CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT! 

Anyway, I'm running on two hours of sleep today since I had to ride with my dad this morning and he leaves for work awfully early on Mondays so me staying up till 4 watching Project Runway and waking up at 6 was such a bad idea :-( but its alright! Seeing my friends and seeing my customers all happy made my day anyway! :-) Will be sending just a few more packages and one more meet up and I am done for this set! I added 4 more though so if youre interested, just go to :-) 


[Top: Chasing the Lilies, Shorts: SM, Belt: Folded and Hung, Shoes: H&M, Accessories: Mango, DG and Anagon]

As you can see I've been loving neutrals lately! I love how it makes me look whiter so I've been wearing it out more. This top is one of my favorites to date so thank you to Shaye for giving me this gorgeous top! Paired it with my paperbag shorts and neutral accessories and shoes! :-) Wanted to add the brown to make it look livelier :-) What do you think of it? :-) And how was your Monday? Hope you started your week right like how I did! :-) 

xx, Vern

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