Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Army Green

IMG_7916 copyIMG_7908 copyIMG_7943 copyIMG_7945 copyIMG_7947 copy

Here's a quick outfit post! Rushing this because I'll be leaving for EK in a about 5 minutes! haha
See you at the Outbreak! :) 
xx, Vern 
P.S. I will edit this when I get back! :) 

I am back home from Outbreak so I can finally edit this post. You have NO idea how much fun I had. I originally planned to still go out and party with my friends but my oh my, that outbreak run was too fun that I had used all my energy and happiness there! haha How ironic I know but I wish I was brave enough to actually bring a camera and take pictures. I was just so scared to trip or run too fast for my life that I drop and break my camera.

It was one of the scariest nights of my life. My dad's scared of zombies so I think that brushed off on us so I literally had to run for my life. I was so scared I'll actually have a heart attack! HAHA! There was even a time when all my cousins and tito left me alone and I was running by myself screaming for my life. I think I really looked scared since the zombies at the end of that path just let me go and said, "kawawa ka naman" HAHAHAHA What a night! I will never forget today. haha!

Anyway, I am off to enjoy the rest of halloween with my cousins playing Cranium and probably tell scary stories :P Happy halloween!!!!
xx, Vern

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


There is nothing better than spending your halloween at Enchanted Kingdom running away from zombies!! It's tomorrow already so here's a reminder for you to register! Yup, you can still register!! 
Wave available:
Wave 16 (9:00 pm)
Wave 19 (9:30 pm) 

Wave 20 (10:00 pm) 
Wave 29 (11:10 pm) 

Text 09175517499 if interested!

This is for the benefit of the Ateneo Scholarship Fund :) 
I will be there but I will not tell you what wave I will be in because I refuse to show anyone my legit scaredy face. It's not pretty. Dondi saw it once and he couldn't get over it for awhile...hahaha! See you though if ever! :)
xx, Vern

Third Day

I'm getting so addicted to florals again and about 70% of my new clothes are in that print! I've been wearing it for three days straight now and they're all dresses (Surprisingly!) so I'll try to do separates on my next post :) I wore this to all the pre show preparations for the Esprit Timewear launching that happened yesterday. I had lunch, pulled out and had my hair and make up done in this outfit. I always make sure I'm in a dress for things like these so that it's easy to change back into wherever I am :) 
IMG_7695 copyIMG_7697 copyIMG_7703 copyIMG_7699 copyIMG_7707 copyIMG_7710 copy
[Dress: IMF, Belt: Pull and Bear c/o UROPA, Shoes: CALL IT SPRING, Earrings: GOLD COUTURE, Watch: ESPRIT TIMEWEAR
I'm sorry for the lack of something interesting posts for the past few days. I just started going to events and all blog related meetings again so juggling midterms, work and blogging has made me tired so I save all my energy to think for school :( I hope you understand! :) 
Have a great day! 
xx, Vern

Twenty Years

Happy happy anniversary to the two people I will always call home. Thank you for teaching me how to love and for always making me believe that love is for forever. Thank you for teaching us that family always comes first and that no matter what, you two will always be there for three of us :) I can't believe your relationship is 20 years old already!! Happy anniversary again daddy and mommy! I love you :) 
xx, Vern

Monday, October 29, 2012


I visited a UROPA, a boutique that first brought Bershka and Pull & Bear here in the country! :) It's located in 100 Greenmeadows Avenue, Quezon City and it's an old house converted to a boutique! I honestly did not expect to see great finds inside it but they were endless. Not only were they pretty but they were cheap as well :) Here's how it looks inside: 
IMG_6231 copyIMG_6233 copyIMG_6234 copyIMG_6235 copyIMG_6248 copyIMG_6247 copyIMG_6243 copy
They have clothes for boys as well! :) 
I've blogged about stuff I got from the store here and here
See you there everyone! I'll be visiting soon :) 
xx, Vern 
P.S. Please like their facebook page here.


I wore this outfit to a very chill Sunday with my family and relatives. We wanted a change of scenery so we ate in Alabang then had coffee and did some window shopping in ATC. The south is such a chill place that it deserves a very laid back outfit like this one. My sister teased me the whole time that I was wearing a bathrobe (I don't think so!! More like a tunic? :P) because this dress was three sizes bigger one me. However, I think it's what made the outfit. What do you think? Bathrobe or not?
IMG_7677 copyIMG_7639 copyIMG_7636 copyIMG_7671 copyIMG_7659IMG_7653 copyIMG_7650 copyIMG_7656 copy
[Dress: Cotton On, Shoes: SOLEIL FLATS, Necklace: PINKBOX, Bangles: all from SM ACCESSORIES, Sunglasses: Asos] 
I'm getting ready now backstage for the Esprit x SM Accessories show here at MOA Atrium :) it starts at 6 pm and I hope you can come! xx, Vern

5 Questions With Jane Dee of LVMH

2012 October 116 copy
I was given the pleasure to interview Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy's Regional Brand Manager of Asia Pacific, Jane Dee a few weeks back when she was here for the annual the Hennessy Artistry -  Art of Mixing event that I blogged about here. I got to the  Marriott Hotel at around 4.30 pm, the time another blogger, Alex and I were asked to come. I googled her a few days before and with everything I read about her online, I knew that I was about to meet one of most influential people in the wine and spirits industry. I was a bit nervous since I didn't know how interviews like these go. This is definitely a first for me! And a first time to interview someone in such a high position!  Good thing though, I received her bio a few days prior to the event so I had time to prepare a few questions to ask. I had about 4 but then once we sat down at the cafe lobby and the initial question was asked, I knew right then and there that I was in for a great afternoon :)  

Here's a little something about her, she joined LVMH 4 years ago. She describes her job as "fun" (as how everyone sees it )  all the parties and the events but of course,  you have to work serious business as well especially in a massive corporation like Moet Hennessy. She handles Asia Pacific's marketing for Belvedere, Wines and Grand Marnier. Imagine how big of a role she plays!! :) So here's how our interview went:

I noticed in your biography that you move around and travel a lot so if you were to move anywhere else in the world, where would it be and why? 

Jane Dee: Probably New York. The funny thing is, I've never been. I've travelled quite a number of places but never there. I've seen so many TV shows and movies about the city... read about it in countless articles and books.., it's a city that never sleeps and if you've made it in New York, then you can make it anywhere else...  I think it's a dream for me to go there ...  and will also be an exciting challenge in the future. 

Another thing I learned in this business, You have to get out of your comfort zone. There are people who are comfortable in their  where they are, and if they're happy then good for them. End of the day, as long as one is happy, that is what matters... However, if you  have this URGE and CURIOSITY  to see what's out there, then you should definitely try.  I believe it's better to try and fail than not having to try at all.  Thing is, if you don't it a shot, then you'll always wonder... WHAT IF? And I don't think that's a very good feeling to carry around.... 

Name your top 5 LVMH products. 
Jane Dee: First of all,  Belvedere definitely as it's the brand I'm responsible for...  It's pretty cool too because it's luxury and edgy at the same time.   Second,  Louis Vuitton as Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite designers. Third, would be Sephora for all your cosmetic needs.  Fourth is Loewe for their  iconic Amazona bags and last but not the least, even if LVMH just own shares, it would be Hermes. 

I asked this question just cause I found it cool that we have the same alma mater! haha! How has being a La Sallian helped you be where you are now? 
Jane Dee:  Coming from a fairly small and  unknown  school, going to La Salle is like moving to a new country... a whole new different world.  One thing I realized is that there are  always bigger things out there, there will always be new and interesting people to meet and new aspirations to reach for that would give me a new sense of purpose and objective,   Second,  I've always wanted to be in branding  and advertising and La Salle has provided me basic learnings of that industry.   Third, it would be the individuals I met during my time in university who are passionate about what they do.   One of those key person is Vince Uy, who was my  blockmate, teammate and a dear friend. What I learned from Vince is that he already knows what he wants from the start.. I would always see him sketching and designing during our classes, constantly being creative.   Fourth, I learned how to always put in effort and opinion in a group. In any industry, working in teams and being able to voice out your thoughts is important. Don't be afraid to let yourself heard.. even if it's wrong.  

And lastly, my favorite questions from all the bunch, pick one: 
Alcohol or clothing? Clothing
Flats or heels? Heels!
Black or white? Black in the morning, white at night. 
Style or comfort? Style
Shoes or bags? Bags. 
There were a bunch of stories said during the interview and you have no idea how much I learned from her. I've always believed that there's a reason for certain thing happening in life  and now I knowthat the main reason I met Jane was that she was going to be a source of inspiration and the person I will look up to from here on. We went through the same things in college and when she told her life story plus all the little pieces of wisdom she put in between, I knew immediately who I want to be in the future. When people ask me, what do you wanna be after college? And I can NEVER give a name for it and now I can :) 

We should not miss an opportunity to meet someone new.  Always make sure to stop and listen to every single person we encounter. You never know, you might just meet your Jane Dee in the near future!

xx, Vern

P.S. Thank you to Medium Asia LTD. for this wonderful opportunity :) Don't forget to visit their website!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Deep Sea Blue

This is the second time I'm wearing this dress. For those who follow me on instagram, you would know where I first did! :) One of my bestfriends invited me to come with her to her tita's birthday where the theme was underwater. Ofcourse, I wore my favorite color and depicted the waves in the pepblum detail on my top and skirt. I wore this the second time around during the Bench PFW show yesterday just because I think it was the only appropriate time to wear something like this :) 
DSC_0347 copy DSC_0343 copyDSC_0362 copyDSC_0351 copyDSC_0355 copyDSC_0365 copy
[Dress: Haute Couture, Shoes: Aldo, Bag: FROUFROU
Don't you love the dress? It's always going to be on my favorites! :) 
xx, Vern

Friday, October 26, 2012

Loved You Tonight

Here's what I wore to the Rob Kardashian and Kylie Jener for HUMAN GENES press conference that happened earlier at Shangri-la Makati :) The event started at 4.30 in the afternoon so I wanted to be in something sweet and dainty and ofcourse, nothing embodies those than florals! 
IMG_7411 copyIMG_7414 copy
LOL how blind can I get :| hahaha! I'm too lazy to edit these photos soooo showcasing my flats for the day! I had to change into these when I walked back to the car :P
IMG_7389 copyIMG_7426 copyIMG_7432 copyIMG_7445 copyIMG_7437 copyIMG_7403 copy
Download Loved You Tonight by John West. It's very appropriate for the cuddle weather all of us from the Philippines are experiencing right now :) Have a great Friday! 
xx, Vern

Thursday, October 25, 2012


Freecuts are fun when you have friends around who are on breaks too but when you have made the effort to get up from bed, get dressed and reviewed for that day's quiz, its not. But then again, who wouldn't want freecuts on a cozy day like today? :) 
Enough about something as random as that, and let me talk about what I wore to school and work yesterday. I wore flats to school then just changed to these boots when I went to work. The senate's on recess so I can get away with something as casual as this :) 
IMG_7076IMG_7077IMG_7079IMG_7101 copyIMG_7112 copyIMG_7112 copyIMG_7099 copy
Off to enjoy the weather with the boyfriend! Have a great day ahead of you :) Don't forget to bring something for the rain!