Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pinkbox Meet & Greet: SM SOUTHMALL

This has got to be one of the my most favorite days in the whole wide world :) You have no idea how nervous I was about this. This is the only second meet and greet my sister Verniece and I did together so we were really nervous about how everything would turn out! We were even telling everyone during our welcome speech that we were prepared to get people from the streets just to fill up the stores! hahaha! But I was so happy happy that people actually came!!! Ahh you have no idea how happy my sister and I were :) I'll tell you more about the event through pictures :) 
IMG_6591 copyIMG_6589 copy
IMG_6277 copy
Liz briefing us about the program :) 
IMG_6311 copyIMG_6320 copy
Before the program started and to break the ice, we took pictures with everyone first! :) I wish I could post them all of them but then this post would be too long! :( 
IMG_6340 copy
Thank you Liz for helping organizing this meet&greet and for hosting the program as well :D 
IMG_6346 copyIMG_6349 copy
our 'welcome" speech! lol 
IMG_6377 copyIMG_6388 copy
we gave out tutus from our clothing line to 5 best dressed! :) 
IMG_6399 copyIMG_6405 copy
then we had our first game, bring me and a total of 5 girls won! Again, I wish I could post all of the photos with them :( Thank you Zen Zest for sponsoring the prizes <3 
IMG_6417 copy
All the cake pops and cupcakes we had prepared for everyone!! :) 
IMG_6421 copy
Then we had a styling contest where a group of three girls got to choose items from around the Pinkbox store that would best fit our style! :) ANNNND I'm so happy to say that my team won!!! <3 YAY TO US!!! :) Thank you to Ferretti for sponsoring the prizes for this game :) 
IMG_6454 copy
Then our last game was Pinoy Henyo and 5 girls got to join! Pinkbox gave our gift certificates for all the winners :) 
IMG_6477 copyIMG_6480 copyIMG_6504 copy
IMG_6519 copy
IMG_6535 copy
IMG_6522 copyIMG_6539 copy
Theenn more picture taking! haha I really wish I could post everything :( 
IMG_6561 copy
IMG_6511 copy
With the very lovely and gorgeous owner of Pinkbox, Ms. Nelly See!! :) Thank you so much Ms. for this wonderful opportunity :) We can't wait for the next meet and greets!! 
IMG_6570 copy
With the Pinbox team!!! :) Thank you for taking care of us!! 
IMG_6593 copy
And ofcourse, our very supportive grandparents and tita who went all the way there to show their support :) My sister and I are so lucky to have them as our number 1 cheerleaders :) Ofcourse, our mom as well :D
From the bottom of our hearts, thank you thank you for all those who went. You have no idea how much we appreciate it and if only we could thank you again one by one, we would!! Virtual hugs to everyone who came :) We really hope you had the greatest time and that when we do this again, we hope that you could support us :) 
xx, Vern 
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