Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Perks of Being 19

I'm 5 months shy away from leaving my teenage years and I spent most of today contemplating the perks of being 19 years old and I came up with 5. Here they are:

1. It's the last year to actually use the "It's okay, I'm still a teenager" excuse till it actually gets old. Literally. One more year till you're officially not allowed to be irresponsible, one more year to use the teenager excuse to party every single day of your life and all the other situations where you use that excuse. So if you are still 19, we are allowed to savour each and every naive, irresponsible, "teenagery" doing.
2. It's the last year to eat all the fats the food world can offer. I've always been told that it gets harder to lose weight when you reach your 20s and you have no idea how I'm enjoying every fatty bite because for sure, I'll be dieting my whole life starting next year.
3. It's the last year when people get to say "Omg you're only a teen???" and get really surprised because you're young. Next year, it'll be, "oh, you're 20."
4. 19 will always be the height of your freedom while still getting the support of your parents combination. 19 is a funnnnn year especially when you have parents like mine. I enjoy clingy parents yet it was quite hard to ask permission to go out of town, to go out on weekdays or just to go out in general till I reached 18. But by then, they're just adjusting soooo 19's a great year for this because they actually had a year of practice to say yes. Next year, it's all just gonna be "bahala ka."
5. 19 is a greaat year to get to know ourselves a little bit better physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. We've reached our maximum height by now (if you're a girl) and our blessings have grown to it's almost full potential so we know what to wear and what not to wear. We've experienced a few heartbreaks, the happiest of happy days, problems at home and with friends  so we know how to mend our hearts when it needs it and know how to handle problems by now, too. I'm sure we know what and who believe in or not so even if we've not reached our full spiritual maturity, we've reached step 1 atleast and know Who to pray to. And mentally, from what I know most 19 year olds are doing their OJTs or have had some sort of work experience plus school and extra curricular activities so we know how to use our brain.

There are my 5 perks of being 19 and it makes me sad that I only have 5 months to go to savour all those perks. But I'm sure that I'll have a blast when I turn 20 as well. I'll just deal with that when I get there :P
IMG_7031 copyIMG_7032 copyIMG_7025 copyIMG_7066 copyIMG_7050 copyIMG_7058 copyIMG_7074 copyIMG_7041 copy
[Top and Bottom: FROUFROU, Shoes: SCHU, Necklace: GOLD COUTURE, Sunglasses: SABELLISSIMA]

Anyway, about the outfit, another matchy matchy clothing and I felt like this post needed some  an injection of happiness :) I hope this post made you smile and become excited to be or reminisce about being 19 :)
xx, Vern

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