Monday, October 8, 2012

Foster The People Concert

I've always been a fan of Foster The People since I heard Helena Beat early last year. Yup, I actually knew about Helena Beat first and not their famous single Pumped Up Kicks that everyone and I mean EVERYONE knows about! haha! Anyway, they had a one day concert here the other day and you have no idea how lucky and happy I felt to actually get a ticket and watch them live!! 
Like I said, I'm a biiiiig fan and I really want to see them as close as possible but it totally slipped my mind that I forgot to buy a ticket till the last minute! I was so close to watching alone and probably through upper or lower box seats but thank God, my good friend Diane had an extra one and lo and behold, they were D seats!!! FOURTH row!! <3 Ahhh! So on to the concert, here are a few pictures from the concert that I would like to share with you guys! :) 
IMG_3703 copyIMG_3764 copy
Didn't expect Araneta Collesium to be this packed! 
IMG_3731 copy
we all waited awhile for the band to come out but it was totally worth the wait! 
IMG_3715 copy
They sang Miss You as their first song and I didn't expect them to be that good liiiiiive! 
He was intensely playing that the piano actually fell... hahaha! 
IMG_3766 copy
He was singing I Would Do Anything For You when I took this. It's my favorite song of theirs and I've been researching online about their previous set lists and they barely sang it SOOOO I was so happy when they did! 
He was singing Jade here, this was the time when my friend Diane was going wild cause she didn't expect that they would sing it too! haha! 
IMG_3747 copyIMG_3750 copyIMG_3738IMG_3758 copyIMG_3771 copyIMG_3772 copy
Ofcourse, their final song was Pumped Up Kicks! No surprise there! :P 
The concert was beyoonnnd amazing! I had great company (hi diane!) and they sang every song I wanted them to sing :) Did you watch?? How was your experience?? :) Crossing my fingers more of my favorite bands visit the Philippine soon!!! :) 
xx, Vern

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