Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Spikes, Studs and Gold

Studs and spikes are everryyywhere and I guess we all have Mcqueen and Louboutin to blame. They have it in headpieces, tops, shoes, jackets, blazers, bracelets, everywhere! And I just had to try it out for myself :) Ofcourse, I gave it a touch of me and here's the result! I hope you don't think its all bad :P
IMG_4722 copy copyIMG_4780 copyIMG_4773 copyIMG_4784 copy
[Top, Skirt and Cardigan: FROU FROU, Flats: COLE VINTAGE, Headband: Forever 21, Necklace: SM ACCESSORIES
Just came from school and attended two meetings today! :) Off to the Mango event happening at Rockwell in a few :) Have a great Tuesday!
xx, Vern

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