Sunday, October 14, 2012

Casual Dates and How To Dress Up For Them

I think it's public knowledge that I have a boyfriend whom I've been with for a few years now since I regularly mention him here or if you follow me on twitter, we tweet about or to each other once in awhile. So its quite obvious that we do go on dates and I wanted to share with you how I dress up for them :) 
Dondi and I usually eat dinner and catch a movie or dinner then coffee or drinks after or another combination dinner plus an interesting place like a museum. Our after dinner plans are usually last minute so I make sure to dress up in something where I'm ready for anything. Here are 4 things I usually do:
1. I don't compromise is comfort, I make sure that I'm comfortable in the shoes I'm wearing because going out on dates like these are my "time outs".
2. The combinations I usually wear are: pants + heels then skirt/shorts + flats. Even if Dondi and I have been together for quite awhile now I still make sure that I'm wearing something appropriate. Not too revealing and just the right amount of skin :)
3. I usually wear bright colored clothes to keep the mood light and happy :)
4. Wear something loose because I'll be pigging out for sure.
5. Blazer or jackets are a must for the movie! 
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Hope I got to help you! :) 
xx, Vern

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