Monday, October 15, 2012

Problem: Dull Skin, Solution: Belo Powerpeel Procedure

I'll be featuring a Belo Medical Group procedure once a month and here's my first! :) No invasive and surgical treatments! All procedures I'll be featuring will be made sure that will be relatable and on your budget :) Belo will try to solve all my beauty problems and my first? Dull and flakey skin because of all the make up I've been putting for the past few weeks. I've been having a couple of shoots and events almost everyday for the past few weeks and I guess thats what caused my skin to be in that condition. I had it the sides of nose and my T-Zone so I knew I needed a peel fast! I know you might that I'm just 19 to try these things but because I started putting make up early too, I need all of these to keep me from breaking out or having acne. 
But before I tell you more about the procedure, I went to the Belo Medical Group Greenbelt 2 branch. As usual, the service was great and the ambiance was impeccable. Nothing compares to their service! I've had facials and bacials done here before and nothing has changed :) This branch and their Fort Bonifacio branch will always be my personal favorite :)  
IMG_7277 copyIMG_7279 copyIMG_7280 copy
how the rooms look like! clean, cold and relaxing! Feels like you're entering a spa. 
IMG_7281 copy
and here's the Powerpeel machine that will be used one :) 
This Powerpeel skin treatment is good for all types of skin and color. Using corundum crystals, the machine helps vacuum dead skin and helps make pores smaller. The great thing about this peel is that the crystals they use is only used once and then thrown away after one patient. That way, everything is kept hygienic and safe :) I'm honestly usually scared to try these things for the first time since I might just break out more or will have an allergic reaction to it but the doctor assured me that it's safe for my type of skin :) They said that its like a "body scrub" for the face and it leaves your skin softer, smoother and glowing! :) I actually did see results right after! 
Here's what they did:
1. First the aesthetician washed my face with cleansing milk (1st picture showed my skin after being washed) 
2. started the procedure (you would see what is used in the 2nd and 3rd picture while the last picture would see how it looks after the procedure. See the crystals?) 
3. right after, she applied inflammatory cream and toner 
Here are questions I think you might ask: 
1. Did it hurt? No. Honestly just felt like scrub
2. How long was the procedure? About 20 minutes. You can do it on your lunch break!
3. Can I put make up right after? Yup, 30 minutes after the procedure
4. How much is it? 1,800 plus because it's on discount now :) 
You can book through the Belo Medical Group Website. If you have any other questions about my experience, please do just comment below :) 
xx, Vern

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