Saturday, October 20, 2012

It's Not All Shallow

IMG_4863 copy
[Leggings: HOUSE OF EVA, Shoes: CMG, Bag: GOLD COUTURE]  
One of the million things I'm so thankful for that this blog has given me is the confidence to wear what I want and not care what people think. I always used to be so conscious on what other people will think of when I wear something in particular before I started blogging and maybe even in the first few months. I think about what people would say if I wear too much prints, too much colors, if I wear heeless shoes, if my shoes are too high, if I look too orange or look too blue but this blog definitely changed the way I think. Shallow I know, but its really one of the things that runs through a girl's mind. It even translated to something bigger and it changed the way I judge other people and definitely learned to not judge the book by its cover and the way I handle things when people start to talk or give me weird stares. The blog has given me a unique kind of confidence and learned to trust myself and my instincts. It has given me my self proclaimed freedom to be true to myself and not care what other people would think.

So you know, a fashion blog's not all shallow. It's not all about clothes, shoes, events, mingling but it's all about confidence, giving yourself the freedom to not care with other people would think, a process to know your personal style, the freedom to wear and say anything and most importantly, the freedom to trust yourself.
xx, Vern

P.S. I've blogged about this about twice and have you heard about Smart's new freedom plan? Just like what I said before, it gives your the freedom to use your data plan by availing of buckets but it's also a plan to help you stay in budget. It's so easy to have one, just show a valid ID then tadah! you'll get a 600 pesos plan :) I've made the switch, you should too :)

P.S.S. Please do check Boys Night's Out BTS of the Freedom Plan Commercial:

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