Monday, October 15, 2012

Events and What I love About Them

I'm sure every blogger can relate to me when I say, events are one of the best things about blogging. Bloggers can relate to that statement of mine in some point of their blogging stage. Although some may hate it or atleast have learned to after a awhile and some really really love it. I'm one of them. I may not go to as much events as I did back when I was still starting but I still try to as much my schedule permits me to. Here are a few reasons as to why I do. 
1. I've always wanted to be an Ambassador of the Philippines and nope, it's not because of the glitz and glamour of it all but I love meeting and learning from different people from different race, place and even time. And personally, its the best part of events. I've gone to almost all kinds of events - from food, tech, beauty, fashion, pets, politics - you name it! And the people I get acquainted with and the people I have those small talks with - those are what I call little lessons. I don't have all the time in the world to read books (sadly) so I rely on people to tell me stories that I can pick up  a lesson or two from or even just a good laugh. That's how the old stories were passed so I have that to back it up that it works! haha
2. The company. I used to go to events with my blogger friends before my sister became one and I miss them! I used to go with Pax, Ana and the rest and I always have the grandest time! I love that when I'm with them, the last topic we actually talk about is blogging.. sometimes even not at all. They're a refreshing kind of people to be around. Hi Ana and Pax! <3 But again, noone best beats my sister in terms of event company! 
3. The experience. PR companies and brands come up with the most unique ideas to make events interesting and the different experiences I have encountered is always one for the books. May it be boring, fun, out of town, just beside my village or even just in a small restaurant. The experience also keeps me up to date with everything around me so I actually have something to blog about when I get home. It's in events that I actually discover a new drink, a new favorite dish, new clothes, new places, new ideas, etc. 
4. Okay, I'll be lying to you if I didn't include this. The freebies. But it's not the main reason even if thats the misconception of almost everyone. The amount we get is actually not so much. It mostly just a cd or if the brand's a bit upscale, they give a USB (You have no idea how much USBs I have lying around my room! haha), a shirt or a pen or if the brand's giving, a gift certificate or two. See? not much! But hey! I love freebies - I love bringing them home to my mom (who loves notebooks btw), to my boyfriend if there are any stuff for men, Vernon my brother if there's any food inside the loot bag, my lola who loves to hoard anything so she can save it for Christmas (lol) or my yaya Baby to forever show my gratitude for taking my outfit photos for without her, this blog would cease to exist on a daily basis. haha! 
Sorry if this post is too lengthy and if there are grammatical errors, I'll just edit them when I do have the time. haha But yup, I do love going to events. I barely get paid to attend one so every event I go to I actually do want to go to them. So no fooling you, my dear readers! BUT there are the ones I don't get to go too though even if I really do want to but school or other prior commitments won't allow me to. However, if given the chance, I would go to an event atleast thrice of four times a week. Imagine experiencing all those reasons of mine frequently! :) 
IMG_5765 copyIMG_5771 copyIMG_5774 copyIMG_5780 copyIMG_5763 copy
[Top: h&m, Jacket: SOUL LIFESTYLE, Pants: VbyVern&Verniece, Shoes: Hong Kong, Ring and Earrings: SM ACCESSORIES, Bag: Vintage YSL] 
I didn't event get to tell you where I wore this to! Haha But I wore this to the Mango event that happened two days ago :) They finally launched their accessories and mens line! Hope you learned a thing or two about events and convinced you that it's not all about freebies :) 
xx, Vern 
P.S. Events can be tiring though. Imagine putting on make up and fixing up everyday - its no joke. haha!

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