Friday, October 19, 2012

The Global Art of Mixing

If you haven't heard of this event, it happens yearly for the past three now and the concept of the event is that just like Hennessy where you can mix anything with it and it will still taste awesome, music too from all different of genres can come together and make a beautiful combination. This year, they had Jermaine Dupri, Champ of Hale, Up Darma Down, Franceska Farr and Robin Nievera. It was actually pretty cool to hear all of them jam together! haha 
The event happened at Resorts World Manila but I wanna give you the before and during details about the event through pictures :) 
IMG_6027 copyIMG_6028 copyIMG_6030 copyIMG_6034 copyIMG_6031 copy
We toured around the event place before we got to interview Ms. Jane Dee. I'll blog about the interview within the weekend! :)

It's my very first Hennessy event and it's probably one of the best I've been to. Blogger events that happens in clubs and involves alcohol are usually boring for me but this was definitely different! It actually felt like I was just having a great night out :) For one, I found the entrance really cool! You have to input all of these details, text it to that number, then you'll get a code, then you'll scan your phone, then you have to press yes (your name pops up!) then you get your ticket! COOL right?? hahaha! Sorry, that's a first for me :) 
IMG_6051 copyIMG_6053 copyIMG_6054 copy
IMG_6056IMG_6060 copy
The card that I had was the VIP one so I had access to all places. They rented out the whole of Opus and Cafe for the vip areas and the event proper was held in the middle of Resorts World. The event had unlimited food and drinks (hennessy in different flavors, ofcourse!) and people! haha I was there from about 10-1 because by 1 am, all places were jampacked already and Dondi and I get claustrophobic so we had to leave :P haha! 
What I wore!
What my date and I wore :) 
Dondi and I had the besssst time. We'll be there again next year for sure! :) See you then? :) 
xx, Vern

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