Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ribbon Overload

This is the first time I'm doing a ribbon overload outfit because it's usually my sister, Verniece's thing to do but I just can't help but try it out and see how it will look on me. Ofcourse, I can't do dresses and ribbons on my hair like my sister does so I wore shorts, a top and a blazer to still stick to my personal style. What do you think about the look? :)

[Top: Bazaar, Shorts: WARDROBE CHECK, Blazer: POSH WARDROBE, Shoes: Zara] 
Don't you love the breezy weather today? :) It's only lunch time here in Manila but I hope it'll be like this all through out the day! :) Don't forget to bring a light cardigan/blazer to help you brave it! 
xx, Vern

Time To Change

  Time to change!

 This is actually first time Ive made a blogpost through my iphone and finally I can thanks to a recent big change that I made :) I recently transferred and acquired the newest plan of Smart Telecommunications- the FREEDOM PLAN. Its a postpaid plan and this is perfect for first time postpaid users. I'm new to paying for my own plan and SMART made it easier for me since I wouldnt have to worry about going overboard my budget. The plan allowed me to start with zero pesos and I have the freedom to use it in any way I want to :)

 I can choose to avail and use different "buckets" like all net texts, tri net calls and unlisurf which allows me to call my sun ad talk n txt friends all i want plus unlimited mobile net! :) Perfect for bloggers like me who needs internet service everywhere! And the plan has a monthly cap of 600 and you are not allowed to go overboard this unless requested :) You can see the other buckets available for your use at: http://smart.com.ph/freedom :)

 It was also easy for me to apply for the plan since i just had to present my school ID and I paid for an application fee of 250 pesos :)

 So what are you waiting for??? :) Time to change to a more reliable network! Just like what smart says: In a world where every second counts, count on Smart, the biggest network – to belong, to let go, to spend your precious time in the small things, because your time is your life and the less of it you waste, the more of it you live.”
 xx, Vern


I really missed blogging about what I wear to school! Its been awhile since I have noone to take my outfit photo.. I'm shy to bother my friends and Dondi has work the whole day so my only solution? go to MOA after my meetings and force Dondi to go down and take them! haha Hassle but its the only way! :P I wore this a few days ago and this is probably one of the most comfortable outfits I've worn to school :)

Here's the surprise I'm talking about in my title. About 5 people said, "miss bukas po likod niyo" or for the english speaking ones, "miss, your zipper's open." hahaha! I love how they made the effort to! haha And nope, my zipper's not open :P haha

I hope youre all safe and dry!!! :) 
xx, Vern


Monday, July 30, 2012

Your Favorite Color

I really missed sharing what I'm up to on a daily basis and I really hope I can make a blog entry like this weekly! Or twice a month atleast :) Here's what I've been up to since Thursday and I wanna share it with you through a couple of iphone pictures :)

(1) Ironically the only piece of clothing Dondi ever gave me haha! 
(2) big n tasty!
(3) Japanese gooodies from daddy <3 Food will always be my favorite pasalubong!
(4) Entourage baboy night with Dondi :)
(5) cute hello kitty case from The Style Machine! 
(6) Gave these two cuties a bath todayyy <3
(7) I finally switched!! Your turn? :) #timetochange 
(8) MY FIRST STYLING GIG: CMG's newest ads <3 <3 AHH! Still so overwhelmed <3
(9) Finally attending events again with Verniece :) 
(10) Cheyser's birthday celebration!
  (11 and 12) cutiepie Caden!
(13) rainy sunday shoot
(14) wearing Apartment 8's newest collection with Verniece :)
What have you been up to? :) 
xx, Vern
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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Forever 19 in Leopard

Here's what I wore to the VIP opening of Forever 21 last Thursday :) I was an hour late because of Taft traffic and the car accident we got ourselves into on the way (but thank God we're safe!) so I wasn't able to catch the program. Good thing though that I got to reach the fun part of the whole event - shopping with my fellow bloggers :) I've had this dress since May and specifically pulled out for PFW but since plans changed, I decided to wear it to another special event :) 

 [Dress: ICONIQUE, Shoes: Aldo, Bag: FROUFROU]

Here are some pictures from the event! I don't have much even if I carried my big SLR camera with me the whole time since I was busy roaming around the store :P

Thank you to Forever 21 for the invite <3 I had a blast!!! and Congratulations for the new store expansion! :) 
xx, Vern


Just in time for the first DLSU-ADMU game! haha I didn't get to watch the game since I gave up my ticket for my brother since he's more of a fan so I told him to take pictures for me instead! :) For now, let me show you what I wore today! I wore this to a SMART Telecommunications lunch and a trip to Duty Free with my family :) 

I can't believe I'm on my last year!! I don't wanna graduate yet :( haha Are you for DLSU or ADMU?? You know my answer ;) 
xx, Vern

Friday, July 27, 2012

Fashion Inspiration Week: Olivia Palermo - POLKA FLORALS

This is my last outfit for the Olivia Palermo inspired outfits series and I think this is my favorite one! :) I learned to love prints more because of her and if you see my new clothes, you'll see how much I do! From florals, to polka dots, to scarf prints, feathers you name it! :) I can't wait to show you all of them!

[Skirt: FOREVER 21, Shoes: ALDO c/o BENCH, Necklace: GOLD COUTURE
Off to two events today and Cheyser's birthday celebration! :) So excited! What're you up to this Friday night? :) 
xx, Vern

Esprit Philippines

A few weeks ago, I visited Esprit to check out their newest pieces. I grew up with the brand and I even remember it being one of the stores my family and I frequently visits everytime we're in Hong Kong :) I love how they still sell their signature classic pieces and their pants are still as comfortable!

  sale sale sale!

  They have clothes for men too!

I visited their Rockwell Branch! See you there? :) 
xx, Vern