Tuesday, July 17, 2012


if you've noticed my love for pants lately its because of the things I do for the day. I'm all for comfort (I think that pants are the answer so I can do all of these as fast and as flawlessly as possible. Add comfortable heels to that too!) especially now that my schedule's been pretty hectic lately since I'm juggling my studies, blogging, thesis and trying to squeeze in a social life once in awhile. Trust me, its hard to balance but I try as best as I could! I blame all my sleepless nights for having bad skin and dark eyebags! BUT its a very small exchange for doing something I love together with something I need to do so I'm still very very thankful! :)

[Top: THE POSH WARDROBE, Pants: WARDROBE CHECK, Shoes: SO FAB, Necklace: FIVE BY FIVE ACCESSORIES, Blazer: Market! Market!]
Photos by Don Gonzales
How was your day today? :) 
xx, Vern


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