Thursday, July 19, 2012

STYLE CRUSH: Olivia Palermo

Sharing with you my newest style crush! Well shes not really new since I've been following her website and been searching for her outfit photos for about a year or so now and I think the way I dress up is heavily influenced by what I see her wearing :)

 (4) if only I could look THAT chic walking my dog haha
(5) she loves floral on floral too!
(6) I love how minimal her accessories are all the time :)

(7) I adore how she pairs her leather leggings! If only I could wear them on a regular day here in Manila.
(8) Our jacket's similar!! Now I know what to wear with it next time ;)
(9) She shows that she's human like us too! Look at her shoes... scroll down and you can see that she's wearing the exact same pair :)

(10) Totally wearable! I could wear this to school :)
(11) This too!! and I love how she paired it with flats!
(12) see she repeats again! :)

 Look how hot her boyfriend is! PLUS he's a great dresser too! Ahh what a cute couple! 

my favorite outfit <3 
I love how shes an effortlessly chic dresser. There's something so relaxed and wearable about her outfits and that's always been how I want mine to be :) So here's the point of me blogging about her: From tomorrow till Thursday next week, I'll be wearing Olivia Palermo inspired outfits. Just trying something new here in my blog and if this gets good feedback, I'll be doing this once a month! :) What do you think? :) How bout her style? Don't you just love her?? 
xx ,Vern

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