Monday, July 23, 2012

Fashion Inspiration Week: Olivia Palermo: YOU CANT HAVE IT ALL

I need more of those shoes!!
[Suit (Blazer and Pants): SABRINA, Lace Peplum Top: WARDROBE CHECK, Shoes: CMG
We've all been reminded one way or the other that, you cant have it all. And again, I was reminded last weekend that sometimes for you to do the things you need to do plus the things that you want to do, there are a few things you have to give up as well. Most of the time, it's a very small price to pay :) And God loves us that way. In the long run, the things that we gave up is actually good for us. Win win situation right? :) What are the things you give up on a daily basis for you to do the things you have to do while achieving your dreams?
xx, Vern


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