Thursday, September 30, 2010


When it comes to sanitary napkins, have you ever asked yourself, 

Yesterday, Kotex held a WOW dinner @ Bizu to some of the Manila's most viewed bloggers to introduce their new line of cute napkins, LUXE. Fortunately and made possible by Aiza of Drowning Equilibriums, I got to attend the event myself! :) This is such an awkward post since I'll be posting pictures of napkins but they're TOO cute not to post! haha I'll only be showing a few and UNUSED (hahahaha) so dont worry! :) See the difference: 

Cool right? :)) HAHA so anyway, enough about the napkins and let me talk about the event itself! 
The event for me was quite exciting since its my first every bloggers event.. I honestly didn't know what to expect but I'm glad it turned out well! :) Other than the launch of Luxe of Kotex napkins, the highlight of the event for me was I got to meet the people I only see in the internet! I shall tell the story by pictures, so please be patient with the loading! :) 

The dinner was held at Bizu in Greenbelt 2 (along side Izakaya and Italiannis) and I'm glad they did it here! The vibe of the place was very friendly and relaxing so it was easy for everyone to be comfortable with each other :) I love the bathroom as well!!! HAHA even had my outfit pictures taken there :) 

[Lace dress - H&M blazer - The Second Shop Shoes - Janilyn Bag - Aranaz]

About the outfit: You can't see it clearly but the dress is lacey and since I didnt want it to look too revealing, I paired it with my floral blazer then added the bag I got from FAST 2009 to make it more girly and add more drama to it! :) 

Only knew Bizu for its pastries so I never knew how their food tasted but lo and behold, it was actually yummy! It tasted so healthy too!! HAHA! Thank you, Kotex for the dinner! :) 

Here are the new people I have met that night! They're fellow bloggers (duh!) too so check out their site when you can! :) 

Ariane of Simone's Closet

Bestie of  The Capricous Club

with Mich, Aiza's significant other 

Aiza of Drowning Equilibriums
Like I told her, I super didnt expect her to hmm lets put it this way, have so much to say (in a really REALLY good way!) because she looks really demure in pictures but she does! haha super nice and funny! Thank you again!!! :)  

 The program wasn't long or anything but it sure was fun! After presenting the new line of sanitary napkins, they conducted this game wherein we had to design our very napkins! hahaha Funny and very girly, I know but it was interesting since its not everyday you actually get to! 

(Obviously, I'm not much of an artist so that was just the outcome of my work HAHA!)

Alex working on hers! :) 

the other girls working on theirs :)  

It was a game so obviously there were winners, sadly, I didnt get to take pictures because my camera couldnt take clear pictures! We were seated near the food so it was hard to get a focus of the front! HAHA! They each got gift certificates which was awessssoomme! Buuut! since Kotex is sooo awesome they made everyone feel like winners and gave freebies so we could try them out :) Here are the ones we got!

(I found this reallly cool! haha yes, thats the real sample!) 

these are the freebies we got! haha very unsual! but the canvas bag was pretttyy prettttyy!! Used to school today! :)

Launching of new products to bloggers is very new to me and I'm glad I got to go to this one :) Its a start and hopefully there will be more! :) 

<3, Vern

Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's When You Least Expect It

I dont want this entry to be too wordy even if I have too much to say so let me make this unboring by telling you bout my day with pictures :) 

Today seriously seemed like a roller coaster ride, there were ups and downs but they were both to the extremes. But thank God for being so good, its when everything seems like its going downhill that your day becomes one of the best so far :) At first I planned to go to my friend, Banina's house to take some pictures and bum with her since its been awhile since we had a Banina- Vern date. Unfortunately, she had a family dinner at 5 and noone could fetch me at that time so i had to change my plans and accompany my sister to Ateneo. Such a pretty campus, I swear! Even had pictures taken :) 

[Top- borrowed from mom short- Urban Outfitters shoes - Rockwell Bazaar bag - Louis Vuitton Bangles - Tita Maloys Sunglasses - H&M] 

While waiting for my sister to finish, I had lunch with my mommy in Mushroom Burger in Katipunan! yummmyy foood!!! 

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Its gonna be a good day, save your troubles for another day!

You know that feeling when you just woke up on the right side of the bed and everything feels so right? Well I woke up like that this morning and its been awhile! I'm not much of a morning person so this doesn't come so often. So thankful for that! And I kicked the day off with a song from Nappy Roots from Good Day. If you know me really well, I'm the type of person who's mood changes with the songs I listen to. Thats why in my chictopia\, you'll notice that most of my post titles are song titles haha! I tend to really get bipolar during the times when I'm just sitting at home, on my laptop and my itunes is on shuffle. Oh my, terrible mood swings! haha So since I was feeling that I was having a good day, I wanted to wear the skirt I've been wanting to wear for the longest time! Its been my sitting my closet for awhile now with its tag price on :) I felt good in it! It may be simple since its just for school but the outfit felt good as well :) 

[polo - H&M skirt - H&M necklace - Hong Kong belt - vintage shoes - H&M] 

Anyway, I'm so glad that I got to catch up over lunch with the best people ever! haha I got to hang out with Ina, Mille, Julian and Santi! Such a fun group, I swear :) so glad I have new lunch buddies! Then met up with Ana to catch up as well :) Then by around 3, I helped my friend out, Casey with her radio production project which is sooo cool!! Then the rest of my day just got even better :) xx

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

7 Day Shoe Challenge (Day 1-3)

I know you've seen this skirt but I decided to wear it again for day 1! :) 
*sorry for the low quality of this picture :(
[sweater - F21 skirt - H&M shoes - Kids of Bayo bag - Zara necklace - random brand hat - Terrenova]

This really reminds me of the movie Greese because this is similar to what the girls would wear there! haha
[Dress - borrowed from my sister Cardigan - borrowed from my mom Socks - F21 Shoes - Kids of Bayo Bag - Zara] 

Opted for something comfy today :) I wanted to wear a dress since its a Thursday and I always wear one before the weekends! I didnt wear it that high (my socks) in school! hahaha I wouldve gotten alot of looks :P 
[Jacket - sister's dress - rockwell belt - vintage socks - H&M shoes - Kids of Bayo sunglasses - H&M]