Saturday, July 21, 2012

Fashion Inspiration Week: Olivia Palermo - RISES

I am currently on a Batman high so I'm writing this now before it dies down and forget all the things I want to share with you about it. I'll try not to spoil it as much as possible for those who haven't seen the movie but I must say that its something not to miss. It's definitely one of the best movies of the year so far! It's tied with Avengers and The Hunger Games for me :P haha Anyway! There's just one part of the movie that I wanted to share since really brought out the European Studies freak in me. The villain (won't say the name anymore so it wont spoil!) stormed a prison to overthrow the rich and powerful to banish the gap between the rich and poor. I don't know if it's just me who noticed it or if it was intentionally done but it was the same thing that happened in the French Revolution when the citizens stormed the Bastille to signify the start of overthrowing the french monarchy. (Sad event for me because this led to the killing of Marie Antoinette! French, don't hate!) Even the speech of the villain was very appropriate to how historians portrayed how the French people felt at that time! Haayy this is how European Studies should be about... the rich history of Europe!!! But unfortunately for me, it's all about business. bleh haha!
Moving on, here's what I wore to bonding with mom then a movie date night with Dondi after :) It's the second day of my Olivia Palermo series and I hope you do find the resemblance of how this outfit is something like hers :) 

Watch The Dark Knight Rises now now now! haha Have a great weekend everyone! :) 
xx, Vern

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