Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cradle me, I'll cradle you

I'm currently loving the song, "Toothpaste Kisses" by the the Maccabees although I won't post the song like what I usually do because I wanna use it in another post! You know how I like making songs the inspiration for how my outfit will look like that day :-) Maybe tomorrow? ;-) But my title's the first line to the song!! :-D haha so cute! Anyway this morning, I officially mourned for the death of my social life thus the all black and white outfit. HAHA I even tweeted about it and how I asked people to wear black as well to mourn with me and I'm happy that some of my friends did! HAHA! :-) Surprisingly, I am not as sad as I expected to be and thats a good thing, right? 

I wore this outfit to school today when I had to file some papers since this term, I'll be taking a leave of absence. Don't ask me why, cause I will just delete your questions in formspring :-) Anyway, like I said I wanted to wear black so I wore this ever so trusty tank dress and my new blazer I got last Christmas! Too late for New Year's?? HAHA I love these shoes even if I barely use them cause they look like they have little bows haha :-) See how I can never dress so "rocker-ish"? I always add something that makes my whole outfit girly! :)) 

[dress: H&M
blazer: The Ramp
shoes: Hong kong
socks: F21
accesories: ramp and gift from a friend]

Oh if you study in Lasalle, have you tried these Korean balls?? I know it sounds funny and i dont think its even called that but thats how I heard of it. HAHA It's really yummy so I thought of bringing home an order for me dad! Although, he didn't like it that much :-( 

and just to make this post more interesting, 

my keys, a medicine case cause I've been sickly lately :-( and my second phone! such a cutie! 

my make up case and the pouch that holds two of my perfume bottles! HAHA 

my ever so trusty planner, a pen, receipt and my wallet! :-) 

So thats what's inside my bag today! haha anyway, I have two more things to talk about: 

1. HEADERS. I have received a total of 9 headers and I am overwhelmed! I swear, I didn't expect this much to be emailed to me in just two days cause I don't think anyone really reads my blog and likes me that much to have the patience and give his/her time to make me a header at the same time! :-D Such sweet people I swear :-) I'll be picking one by Thursday since my current header is so boring right now. The one who sent the header I end up using will receive alittle something from me! (read my twitter to know what it is!) :-) 

2. Does anyone get that whole your picasa web thingy is full? :| How do I deal with that? I had to delete some posts cause of it :-( Do I have to buy the thing they were talking about? :-( HELP? ANYONE? :-(

oh wow, what a very wordy post. HAHA! 


P.S. will be changing the one above... its very Southville-y! HAHA thanks gia for pointing it out! :-)) Love you! :-)

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