Friday, August 24, 2012

D & V at 3!

People usually do this on facebook but since Dondi recently removed himself there and the sole purpose of this is for him to see it, I'll just put it here. I won't try to make this in a gross chessy way but if ever I do go in that direction please excuse me! haha This only happens once in a year anyway! haha 
Today is a very special day for Dondi and I and don't bother asking me why I'm home on the day of our anniversary writing this blog post instead of being out with him. But today was spent in the most unconventional way but nonetheless a memorable one just like how it has been in the past 1,095 days :)  
I could actually say that Dondi's my great love (please try not to puke! haha) and if given the chance to change things, I would want him to not only be that but if possible also my first, puppy and every other word you can put together with love just cause I'm sure he'll make all those experiences better. He has taught me to love everyone despite their past and taught me to never judge a person or an experience by the cover. Dondi taught me to always enjoy the little details and yet also enjoy the big grand gestures once in awhile because he has supplied me more than extra doses of both the past three years we've been together. Dondi taught me to never go to bed angry and there is nothing impossible with the person you love. 
Thank you Dondi for always loving all versions of myself - may it be my pms-ing one, my loving one, my blogger self, my pimple faced, my fat self, my jeje John Llyod loving self, my bloated self, my jeans and loose tops self and all the other versions you have only seen and witnessed. Thank you for giving me reasons to sing love songs, dance a happy dance, fights that keep our relationship interesting, Mojo (HES A DOG!!), for all the food you've filled my always hungry stomach, for always letting me grow and most importantly, for loving and accepting me for myself and never doing anything to change it. I love you :) Happy happy 3rd Anniversary darling!! :)
xx, Vern

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