Wednesday, August 22, 2012

HUMAN JEANS: Color Me Green

I was reading my old blog posts as I was looking for old pictures to use for this new project I'm working on and it made me badly miss how I used to share more of my personal life here on my blog. I guess since I was a bit younger, I didn't put much thought and wasn't too conscious so I shared everything about my day from the important details down to the random little ones. I guess it was a new thing for me too so I was still very excited and the passion to write and share was at maximum level! haha If you've been a loyal reader of my blog since day 1 or year 1, you would really see the difference I really want to bring back that way of blogging :) I even remember how my family and friends would get so annoyed at me cause I took pictures of EVERYTHING and ANYTHING! haha So there, I will really make sure to a lot more time to document everything :) 
Anyway, here's the 3rd look of my Human Jeans series. I decided to let go of my all blue outfits for once and tried an all green outfit :) Tell me if it works!

[Top: Bazaar, Blazer: h&m, Pants: HUMAN, Shoes: Aldo, Bag: FROUFROU, Tiger bangle: GOLD COUTURE, Necklace and Gold bangle: SM ACCESSORIES
Let your voice be heard! To bring back the old way or not? :) You know your opinion matters to me! 
xx, Vern

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