Sunday, August 5, 2012

On Shuffle

I wore this outfit to a very busy day with my siblings. Because of school and blogging, my family and I dont get to bond as much anymore so my sister and I decided to bring our brother yesterday to make up for lost time :) Our brother's already 13 and before we know it, I'm sure a few years from now he would rather be with friends than us so we're taking advantage of it :) Anyway, I had meetings, an event and a shoot to go to so I had to put together an outfit where there's common ground to it. The event we were going to had a camping theme so I had to wear something for that but still look normal for the meetings and the shoot I had that day. However, the traffic and rain didn't permit me to go to all my commitments so I only ended going to three instead of 4 :( Must learn how to manage my time more! 

I've stuck to the same playlist for months now so for a change, I put my itunes on shuffle. Here are the ten songs that came out: 
1. Take You Out - French Films
2. Second Chance: Peter Bjorn and John 
3. Sexy B*tch - David Guetta
4. Sea Legs - The Shins
5. Inside and Out - Feist
6. Hey Stephen - Taylor Swift
7. Rear Moth - Psapp - Tiger, My friend
8. Can't Buy Me Love - The Beatles 
9. To Be With You - The Honey Trees
10. Help I'm Alive - Metric 
not bad! haha Whats your shuffled playlist? 
xx, Vern

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