Thursday, August 2, 2012

SCHOOL DIARIES: Gloomy Tuesday

It was a rainy and windy Tuesday afternoon and I knew that I had to wear one of my newly purchased leather jackets. I welcome the rainy days with open arms because with the recent change in climate, it's often blazing hot here in the Philippines and I feel like it has been since the year started. I didn't even feel the cold over the holidays! Anyway, our mom recently got us a Canon and my sister and I are still trying it out. Hopefully we'll get a hang of the settings soon but for now, I hope these photos will do! :)

[Top: Mango, Pants: FROUFROU, Jacket: FOREVER 21, Neck Plush: STYLISTA.PH, Cuff: GOLD COUTURE, Flats: CALEIGH MADISON
Expect more casual outfits! Its so hard to wear heels and dress up in this weather! haha How's your week so far? :)
xx, Vern

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