Sunday, August 12, 2012

Chasing The Sun

I'm sure all bloggers out there can relate to me about my title. Sometimes when I wake up too late or have been too preoccupied and busy the whole day, I only remember to take my outfit photos at around 5.30 or past it and I literally have to chase the sun! haha This is what happened to me earlier and thank God my mom was there to the rescue and took these shots for me :) I actually like how they turned out! Plus I'm trying out this thing where I don't post too much photos in an entry. What do you think? Better or more? :) 

I was so lazy to dress up today that I just grabbed anything I could get my hands on when I opened my closet this morning. I just made sure that all the colors would match the colors in my skirt and here's the result! haha 

I lost the tag for this corset :( can anyone please tell me who sent this so I can credit properly?? :( 

[Corset: , Skirt:  SHEER ICONIC, Bag: BUBBLES, Vest: h&m, Shoes: PROMOD

I'm half way through the last book of the trilogy Fifty Shades and I'm actually happy that its ending... again I've been so lazy  cause of it! haha Back to school tomorrow after a week of doing nothing... back to emails and school work. PLUS! a thesis defense in a few days!! Wish me luck? :) 
xx, Vern

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