Monday, August 20, 2012

Urban Bazaar Blogger's Weekend

Last weekend, the organizers of Urban Bazaar invited a few bloggers to style one look from head to toe that a few shoppers will get a chance to win :) The mechanics were simple for us bloggers, we were given 3,000 pesos to shop around for some pieces and that's what I came up with above :) I wanted a signature look but since I couldn't find a decent pair of palazzo pants in the bazaar, I opted for my next favorite which is floral on floral on floral :) It was simple as well for the shoppers, they just had to vote for their favorite look and they could already win the whole outfit! 
I hope you dropped your little pieces of paper in my little box up there! :) If you did, thank you and goodluck!! Thank you too for the invite, Nowee and the rest of the Urban bazaar team <3
xx, Vern

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