Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Globalization and Heartbreak

If you read my previous outfit post you would know that I had to finish 2 more blog posts for one of my subjects and I wrote something I wanted to share. I've been reading Thought Cataloug for weeks now and I love how they write about the most random things yet they seem so relatable. So inspired by how they wrote and using that to write a blog post relating globalization to my daily life here's what I came out with. Who knew a class project can make me write like this? lol

Globalization doesn't make it any easier to get through a heartbreak.
Because of globalization, there are these sappy movies, sappy songs and sappy couples to see in the television, in the internet, hear on the radio and movies and these makes you want to be them instead of the state you're in now. Because of globalization, cellphones are more complicated that people can actually screen your calls, reject them or even worse, block them completely. Because of globalization, the internet was made and you can see the other person's tweets and facebook posts, you're unfortunately updated with whats he's eating, whats he's doing, whats he's seeing WITHOUT you. How depressing. Because of globalization, things are more expensive and the money on your wallet runs out so easily so retail theraphy cannot be done everyday. Because of globalization, competition's tighter in the working world so education's important and because of that, staying in bed all day's out of the question. Because of globalization, the book Fifty Shades of Grey's reached the shores of the Philipines and you meet the literary character, Christian Grey and the fact that you don't know anyone like him is depressing. God even the guy who's not the reason for your heartbreak is depressing you. Globalization globalization globalization. Why haven't you enabled someone to create a device that would forget people? Maybe then heartbroken people wouldn't hate you so much. 

Hope you enjoyed reading it as I was writing it! :) 
xx, Vern

P.S. I just jumbled all together my experiences on being heartbroken and put them all together! :P

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