Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ten Easy Steps: Prime Make Up (How To)

I can't really show you how to apply it directly on the face since I do not want to make a video for it haha but here's a step by step in putting make up and don't worry I will talk like how I would if I were to show it in a video :) 

Prime make up is not what I use when I'm going out to a club or a special event since I use smokey or make up balance for that. This is what I use on a random hang out but at night cause I skip foundation when I'm out in daylight :) It may be the most basic one but there's so much to put, I tell you. DONT START HATING AND SAY I PUT THIS MUCH ON MY FACE EVERYDAY, I DON'T LIKE I SAID ON WEEKENDS ONLY :)

What You'll Need: 

Foundation and Primer 

Pressed powder, eyebrow powder, bronzer, blush

Curler, mascara, lipliner, lip primer, black and brown eyeliner and concealer 


STEP 1: Apply primer using concealer brush on all parts of your face. Do not put too much because this is only wasting it. The primer sets your face and make the color of it even. 

STEP 2: Apply your foundation. Dab it all over your face first using small dots using a concealer brush. I suggest, put a small amount like as big as a 25 cent dot in your forehead, right cheek, left cheek, chin, nose and three dots on your neck. Then get your foundation brush to spread it out and make it even. 


STEP 3: Apply your concealer. First off, wipe your concealer brush with tissue or make up remover wipes to get off the primer and foundation. Then, apply using your brush on the parts where the color of your skin isn't even after you put foundation. I put mine in the sides of nostrils, under my eyes and under my lower lip. 

STEP 4: Apply powder. Apply powder using a powder brush all over your face to create a finish look.

STEP 5: Apply eyebrow powder to your eyebrows. This is quite tricky to explain in words so I will just link you a video on how to put :)

STEP 6: Apply bronzer to contour. Apply bronzer on the places you want to look smaller. I apply mine under my cheekbones and on my jawline (around it). With the under the cheekbones, start from just right above your earlobe then go towards the DIRECTION of your nostrils NOT on the nostrils jsut the DIRECTION. Stop right under the end of your cheekbones :) do the same on the other side :) 

STEP 7: Apply blush. To apply blush, smile just so your cheekbones are up then go circular motion from your cheekbones to the direction of your eyes. Do the same for the other side :)

 STEP 8: Apply eyeliner. Apply BLACK liner under your eyes (the usual spot haha) then above your eyes (this part: using your finger, stretch your upper eyelids then you'll see this skin wherein you can put liner, it may feel uncomfortable at first but it'll do wonders! It'll make your eyes bigger :) then do the same but now, using a BROWN liner. then get your LIQUID eyeliner to apply it just right on the skin on top of your lashes! Just a thin line alright :) 

STEP 9: Curl your lashes and apply mascara. Here's what I do, I curl the full lashes for 15 seconds then move to the middle for another 15 seconds then the tip for another 15 seconds. After, apply the mascara on the top lashes then the down ones :) 

STEP 10: Liner, primer and lipstick. Apply the liner first. Be careful with this cause it can make your lips bigger or smaller then apply the primer then using a lipstick brush, apply the lipstick! You can even mix 2-3-4 colors of lipsticks :) 

I did this last night and I forgot to take a picture of the final one but I'll be this one again just so I can take a picture! It'll follow but I hope this helped you :) 
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