Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brown Bag Market

My day was pretty jam-packed today since I had to head to High Street to interview and shoot TND's new feature! I won't tell you who it is but here's a teaser! :P haha 

I went with Boo earlier. We had lunch at Friday's first and interviewed our feature there! She's really nice and I'm sure you guys know her so watch out for that! Right after, I headed to The Collective to support my other blogger friends and gave the make up talk at the Eco Forum! It was fun and I scored some really good finds!! :-)

Paxie's store! :-) 

With Pax, Ana and Ava! :-) I'm so happy that other bloggers are really nice like these people!! They really make you feel welcome :-)

with Simone! The pictures before this are pictures of her stall! ;-) 

F-STOP is owned by Melai!!!! I can't believe I got a vest from her for only a 150 BUCKS!! Ahh if I had more money, I'll go crazy talaga, next time okay, Melai? :D I wanted more of your blazers!!!!

The next pictures are from the talk itself! :-) haha 

This clutch is made out of recycled materials!! Really cool right? :-) 

*from Ana :-) Thank you! :D

With Alex of Reluctant Stylista and Lauren of I am Bourgeois (I was so star struck to see her!!!!!) hahaha

In front of Simone's stall! :-) 

OUTFIT POST: I changed twice today since I felt really icky after High Street! Blame the heat!


[Cover up: Poisonberry
dress: H&M 
necklace: the Ramp 
Shoes: Hong Kong]

(photo: Boo Umaly)

OUTFIT 2: [Dress: SoFA Retail Lab
Bangles: Tita Maloy's! 
Shoes: H&M]


Thank you again to Nori for inviting me to this fun event of yours!! I really had fun :D and thanks for giving me the opportunity to partake what I know to fellow bloggers :-) Thank you so much!! :-)

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