Sunday, October 10, 2010

My little silver make up box

I've been getting formspring questions about what my make up kit contains and that the only email I ever got from a reader is a request for me to show my make up kit. However, I honestly, do not know why! haha As you will see later, I dont have that much! haha Anyway, please do not think I am doing this to brag or anything. I am only trying to satisfy my readers' requests that is the last thing I want you guys to think :) I'm sorry if the pictures are kinda blurry! :( 

I got this kit in Mongkok in Hong Kong. I'm not sure how much it was but its really cheap compared to the ones they sell here! :) 
I will show you my contents according to the steps in putting make up I learned from the great RB Chanco! haha 

1. Prepping - Moisturizers for everywhere! haha
2. Foundation
3. Concealer
4. Powder
5. Bronzer for contouring
(tinted moisturizer from Smashbox, primer from Smashbox, primer from MAC, Moisturizer from Nivea, eye moisturizer from Garnia, concealer from Smashbox, powder from MAC, concealer from MAC, Bronzer from MAC, two blushes from MAC) 

6. Eyebrow (I didnt get to include it here but the eyebrow palette from Fanny Serano is my favorite and savior!!!) 
7. Eyeshadow
(Eyeshadow palette from Smashbox - white, Eyeshadow palette from Revlon - black, 96 piece eyeshadow palette from MOI, purple from idk, little thingys and another from Fanny Serano for highlight and contouring of the eyes!) 

8. Eyeliner
9. Curler + Mascara
 (the brands are really random except for the MAC and The Balm ones. Theyre in different colors btw!)

12. Lipliner
13. Lipstick

(first three is from Maybeline, next is two from MAC, next is two from YSL, next is from Shu, Anna Sui, Plum, Body Shop and Burt's Bees)


This is what my daily make up kit contains btw! :) 
 (A mirror, powder, mascara, curler, 2 concealers, blush, brush and eyeliners!)

I have this much for a normal girl like me since I took a make up class at SOFA last summer under RB Chanco! I had so much fun and I wish it never had to end! Maybe I will take another class next summer! Hopefully I'll have time :) Anyway this my portfolio if ever youre interested in how I put make up! :) 

1. Semi Smoky

2. Prime (barely there!)

3.  Smokey

4. Colored 

If you do need help with make up or aynthing related to it, let me share my little knowledge about make up! :) just clikc my formspring link to the right or my email! 
Goodnight everyone!
<3 Vern

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