Sunday, October 3, 2010

Supsip is Forever

Last night, I went to my friend Casey's house for my highschool barkada's reunion after dinner and I just had the best time! I was pretty tired from the shoot I was telling you guys about with my team, The New Department but I stayed up for these girlies!! :) It was an after dinner thing so we had to bring food or drinks to share but the pasta of Maria and the barbeque and siomai of Casey was the best!! But all I did was munch on chips though haha! The usual me. Anyway, we sat down first and started catching up with each other then we would stand up once in awhile to dance to certain songs that we used to sing or dance to back in high school. I MISS HIGHSCHOOL!!! but I love college more. haha Then we played beer pong, well the others did! I left pretty early but the game I reached was when my friend Yama and Jo won. She was SOOO competitive like always!! hahaha 
Here are pictures from the night: 

Meet SupsipBatil! 
[From the one standing, left to right, Jo Perez, Den Opulencia, Zoe Bagatsing, Maria Tuason, Rina Andres, Casey Erum (if youre in chictopia, shes has one!), Mandi Garcia (her too!), Yama Bilog, Elisha Eloriaga, Sasa Hermoso, Ella Fortun, Mads Salazar, Alexi Fong, Ina Ongsiako, Me, Boo Umaly and Banina Wassmer) 
Missing in photo: Bea Estrada, Carla Co, Bea Alcanzo, Alex Padilla and Dinnie Mijares! :) 

(love you, Ins! see you tomorrow! haha) 

(thank you, Ellers for these photos!) 

Its always gonna be you and me <3 

my wonderful friends dancing to this really old school song!

Yama being Yama during pingpong

Here was my outfit for the night: 
[dress - Rockwell Bazaar black dress - H&M Booties - Rockwell Bazaar Belt - Tomato Straw hat - H&M Bag- Mr. Wassmer]

About the outfit: I was planning to wear something else but since I couldnt go home anymore from Banina's house, I used the lace dress I made my model wear for the TND shoot. I paired it with a baisc black dress, a beige belt, my beige straw hat, beige shoes and Mr. Wassmer's bag. I love that bag!! It was love at first sight for me and that bag! haha 

Anyway, have a great Sunday you guys! hope you had fun! :) 
xx Vern

First 9 photos from Ella Fortun
Next 3 photos from Banina Wassmer
Outfit photos from Boo Umaly

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