Monday, November 12, 2012

A Bid Goodbye

Like I said yesterday, I've been spending all my free time with my family and it's because one of my mom's sisters is on vacation here in the Philippines for 2 few weeks. She lives in Australia so we don't see her as often as we would want to so we took every chance to hang out and bond with her and her new other half, Sienna! :) Sunday was their last free day before going back home so we headed over to Centerstage MOA for dinner and some karaoke. We stayed there for about 5 hours and it's probably one of the best times we've all spent together :) First, here's what I wore:

I wanted something dressy yet comfortable for the day and that's why I opted for flats :)
IMG_9093 copyIMG_9096 copy
IMG_9133 copy
IMG_9119 copy
[Top: Bangkok, Blazer: Mango, Skirt: APARTMENT 8, Shoes: TONIC BAGS AND SHOES, Bag: Furla, Necklace: PINKBOX, Sunglasses: Asos] 
IMG_9144 copyIMG_9163 copy
My dad, brother and I checked out Manila Bay first (where Centerstage is located) while waiting for our room to be ready and a lot has changed since we were there! Amazing!
IMG_9178 copy
I probably sang about 30 songs and I swear, I was feeling every moment of every song!! haha I'm telling you, I have an Anne Curtis inside of me. I may not know how to sing (everyone made sure to tell me that earlier lol) but noone can stop me from feeling it! HAHAHA!
IMG_9184 copy
and here is our little angel, Sienna enjoying Marie biscuits! I think she brought home a year supply of them! haha! I'm sure every Filipino baby has gone through a phase! :P

I always have the best time with family and I'm really lucky to realize that there is no place like home at an early age. I've had my years (I talk like I'm 80 but trust me! haha) where all I wanted to be busy with are my friends, boyfriend and everything else but once you do realize it, there's really no turning back :) I hope you do before it's too late! :)
xx, Vern

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