Friday, November 16, 2012


I'm sure alot of you reading this blog are REALLLLY excited about this blog. I won't be surprised if you're shaking a bit or your heart's pounding too fast. I heard that millions of people adore and are biggest fans of Bench's NEWEST #GlobalBenchsetter, Lee Min Ho :) My sister and I were one of the lucky four bloggers who were given the chance to attend his press conference yesterday at Makati Shangri-la Hotel. We waited for about 2 hours for him to come out because I heard that he needs rest from the airport welcome you crazy fan girls out there gave him!! :) Sharing with you a few pictures from yesterday's conference: 
Untitled-1 IMG_0141
Sam Oh hosted the event because they needed someone to translate all questions for him in Korean and someone who could translate everything he's saying to english as well :) It's amazing how he can only speak Korean yet he's loved by millions around the world! 
IMG_0143 copyIMG_0150 copyIMG_0156 copy
It took quite awhile for him to warm up and laugh but when he did... 
IMG_0163 copy
Aww no wonder this guy has so much fans around the world! :) 
Welcome to the Bench Family Lee Min Ho!! Thank you too to my Bench family for the invite :) Till the next @GlobalBenchsetter!
xx, Vern

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