Saturday, November 3, 2012

Why It's Okay For Things To Happen Too Slow

We've all felt that, that feeling where nothing's happening to you. That feeling of jealousy you feel towards other people who's gotten everything and achieved everything you can't in a million years. That feeling of hate towards people who won't feel contented on things they have that you don't. That feeling of annoyance towards people who treats big opportunities like they come everyday. Even that feeling towards God for not giving you those blessings like those He gives other people. 
I have so you're not alone :) I've felt allllll that and that feeling's something not easy to bring around. But what I've realized is that, its okay for things to happen slowly. SLOWLY but SURELY. We've all heard stories of those kinds of people but just how fast things come, thats how fast things will leave. I've learned that it's better that way in all aspects, it's applicable to relationships,  I've learned and seen it thru mine and other people's experiences, when love's rushed, it ends too quickly as well. It's applicable to school, no matter how small it is. It's even applicable to losing weight and all the other things you can think of, big or small. But I think what everyone's really frustrated about is about dreams coming true or opportunities coming your way. I always get emails on how to start a blog or how I got so many readers but getting all these opportunities took me years and years of trial and error before I got all of it right. AND compared to all the other bloggers here in the country and in the world, my blog is nothing. So see? it took me that much hard work yet I haven't reached my full potential. I still have so much opportunities to get, so much more people to meet, so much more things to achieve, so much more dreams to work hard on. I think we all just have to be patient, no matter how hard it is. So put a smile on your face and just enjoy every step of the way towards the thing you want :) 
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[Top: FROUFROU, Skirt:SPARKLE COUTURE, Shoes: WADE, Bag: Louis Vuitton, Necklace: PASSION FOR FASHION] 
But also remember that in the end, if all that patience does not bring us to the thing we want, it is because there is something greater and better for us out there. :) 
xx, Vern

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