Friday, November 16, 2012

The Little Mermaid

Two days ago the same professor I talked about in my A Princess Without A Prince post asked us to write a paper about fairytales. Changing things we don't like about a fairytale's story in particular. What I chose is the Little Mermaid and I want to show you bits of the paper I wrote for it. 

If there were a fairytale I would alter, it would be The Little Mermaid Part 1 the Disney version. If I were given the chance to change something about the story, it would be the ending wherein Ariel would changed be into human by her father, King Triton. Instead of Ariel turning into human, it would be Prince Eric turning into a merman because proved his love for Ariel. I hope that the story showed children that it has to be Eric who would fight and compromise for a girl’s love. Disney should have taught young boys that they would have to walk hundred of miles, cross mountains and even be willing to be a merman for a girl like Ariel. Another would be, instead of Ariel proving so hard to her father that she loved Prince Eric that she was willing to be human, it had to be Prince Eric proving himself worthy of Ariel’s love thus he deserves to part of their world as well :) This is a bit like part two of my Princess post and I hope that you still pick up something from it! 
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I think this is the most sane looking The Little Mermaid inspired outfit I could think of :) I just didn't wear a purple corset since I'm wearing leggings and ofcourse, everyone knows that leggings are not pants :) Have a great day everyone!! I'll be at Miss Sixty Robinsons Ermita branch at 1 pm. Come shop with me? :)
xx, Vern

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