Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Problem: Pimples Solution: Belo Facial Cleaning

My problem for this month's my monthly pimple a few days before I get my girly time of the month. I usually get about 3-4 big ones and my black and white heads double in amount during that time as well. Ofcourse, Belo has a solution to this problem of mine. I thought that I just had to leave the pimple alone (Okay, maybe I just don't leave it alone haha) and I'll be fine but again, I'm not derma so I was wrong.  I've had scars and small abrasions because of all my bored nights trying to squeeze out the life in my pimples and I swear, I regret all those instances now! :( It's always better to go to the derma (Belo ofcourse! ;) to properly remove the pimple.
But then again, if you're lucky and you barely get the visit from pimples then cleaning's still great for you monthly to keep your face clean and smooth inside and out! Facials also prevent future breakouts. 
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Here's what they did:
1. First the aesthetician washed my face with cleansing milk  
2. She then started pricking and cleaning my face 
3. She injected medicine to my up and coming pimples and the big ones as well to prevent it from swelling 
3. Right after, she applied inflammatory cream and toner 
Here are questions I think you might ask: 
1. Did it hurt? A little bit but I've had facials done before and I experienced the least amount of pain in Belo! 
2. How long was the procedure? This actually varies because it will depend on your skin condition
3. Can I put make up right after? Yup, 30 minutes after the procedure but I really suggest you don't. Only if you have to! 
4. How much is it? 1,190 pesos 
You can book through the Belo Medical Group Website or call 02-819-BELO. If you have any other questions about my experience, please do just comment below :) 
xx, Vern

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