Saturday, November 17, 2012

National Events Day

Back when I had all the time in the world to go to every event I'm invited to, there would always be atleast one day in a month or a quarter that about 5-6 events will be happening in one day and my blogger friends would attend as much as we could! I'm not sure who between Pax or Ana conned the term National Events Day but I could say that it was one of the best and memorable days of my blogging life.

 I experienced it again last Thursday (after a million years) wherein I was invited to 5 events and tried my very best to go to all. This time though, I brought my sister to one and brought Dondi to two. I had class from 2:30-4:20 and my first one was starting at 3 pm so I was too late for that and didn't get to go (BOO :(), the one that started at 5 though was too far away so I couldn't go too, the Lee Min Ho event was starting at 5 pm as well so I rushed to that stayed for about 2 hours then flew (haha) to a Dove event happening at Fort then after about half an hour, I went to Republiq for the SM Accessories launching :) It may sound like a hassle but I'm sure you know why I love events (blogged about it!) and Dondi loves free good food and events always always have that so he doesn't mind going with me! hahaha!

But yes, one crucial trick to surviving National Events Day is to wear an outfit that's suitable for both day and night and here's what I wore:
IMG_0101 copyIMG_0099IMG_0108 copyIMG_0124 copyIMG_0116 copy
IMG_0106 copy
The other two would a ride and great company :) Have a great Saturday!
xx, Vern 
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